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What Should You Do When You Are Not Able to Become Pregnant?

When you choose to become pregnant it can be an exciting, and sometimes scary endeavor. Like a well-choreographed dance you give up harmful vices, like alcohol, and opt for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. You make note of your menstrual cycle, timing intercourse for that optimum period of ovulation. You may even attempt a post-sex handstand […]

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Solving the Mystery of Unexplained Infertility

A diagnosis of unexplained infertility can be frustrating, and defeating, for many couples. After seemingly countless tests and procedures designed to uncover the reasons behind your inability to become pregnant, you still don’t have an answer. What’s more, until you have an idea of the source of your infertility, you aren’t sure how to proceed […]

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Why Male Factor Infertility Shouldn’t Be Ignored

For those couples who are having a difficult time conceiving a child, it’s important to obtain a diagnosis in order to pursue effective treatment. To that end, it’s essential that both prospective parents be examined to determine what’s preventing conception. You’re in this together, after all, and infertility is often attributed to a combination of […]

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Does Caffeine Affect Fertility?

For most couples, deciding to conceive a child is a conscious decision. You’ve daydreamed about your little one, possible even thought about names, taken a look at your finances, and maybe you’ve even shared your decision with a few close family members, or friends. As the possibility of becoming pregnant takes shape, you very likely […]

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Tubal Reversal: Why It Isn’t for Everyone

For millions of women, tubal ligation-also referred to as having your tubes “tied”- is a wonderful option for long lasting birth control. No more worrying about contraceptives!  And tubal ligation surgery has an extremely high rate of success, meaning only about 1%-2% of women become pregnant in the years following their procedure. However, as life […]

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What to Do When IVF Fails

Although treatment for infertility is light years ahead of where it once was, there are no guarantees that these treatments, such as IVF, will work for everyone. In fact, just under 30% of IVF cycles actually result in babies, and for those women over 40, the numbers decrease. The end result of IVF may not […]

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Undergoing Treatment for Infertility: How to Navigate

Infertility is a complicated issue for many patients. Navigating the physical side-hormone injections, getting the timing just right, seemingly endless office visits-is overwhelming enough, but the emotional journey through treating your infertility can be extremely challenging. Setting realistic expectations, by knowing what to anticipate, is one of the best ways to quell the overwhelm that […]

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The Pros and Cons of Exercising to Improve Fertility

Becoming the healthiest version of yourself is one of the finest gifts you can give your future child, and one that will likely improve your fertility. Diet and exercise impact every aspect of your overall health, and play a key role in your reproductive health as well. When you’re dealing with fertility issues, exercise can […]

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Tubal Factor Infertility-Three Big Impactors on Your Ability to Conceive

Infertility, related to tubal factors, is common in more than 1/3 of all cases. The two fallopian tubes provide the pathway for the egg to travel to the uterus, once it’s been released from the ovary. When the egg is prevented from traveling through the tube, due to a blockage within the fallopian tube, this […]

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I’m Having Trouble Getting Pregnant in My 40’s-What Options are Best For Me?

Baby Bed & Teddy Bear

It seems as though age has little to do with getting pregnant these days. After all, 40 is the new 30-or is it 20? Celebrities, and even your friends and family members, appear to have no problem pushing motherhood off until well into their 40’s. And they make it look so easy. Odds are, if […]

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