“We want to thank you and your staff for helping us get our miracle baby.

He’s a strong and healthy baby boy. We are eternally grateful for everything you have done. Dr. Bayrak was so patient with all our questions and genuinely cares for our well being. After a successful treatment, I was a bit nervous to not be followed by Dr. Bayrak anymore but he went through a list of doctors covered in my insurance plan and recommended the ones he trusted for my case so I would have a smooth transition. Thank you for making our dream come true.”



“We had tried for about 5 years to conceive naturally before we sought out fertility treatments.

We first sought out treatment through using our insurance and were not given a choice but to do Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) even though I had a diagnosis of endometriosis and a history of 2 cyst removal surgeries. After 2 failed IUI cycles, we sought out non-insurance options.

We had 1 consultation at a fertility clinic before we came to LA IVF and met Dr. Bayrak. We were told at that consultation by the fertility specialist that we wasted our money on IUI and that we should’ve been given the option to just go straight to IVF treatments. When we consulted with Dr. Bayrak, he confirmed the same thing as the other specialist and that my endometriosis was “advanced.” Naturally I was worried whether IVF would even be possible for me to become pregnant. Dr. Bayrak told us truthfully an estimate of this happening for us. It seemed pretty slim, but it wasn’t impossible.

In our first embryo transfer, we decided to transfer 2 embryos. Unfortunately neither were successful. After the unsuccessful transfer, we still had 2 more embryos. I was obese and decided to lose weight before trying another transfer cycle. I wanted to lose weight to not only be healthier but thought it would help my chances of having a successful transfer as I read that being overweight can hinder conception. Dr. Bayrak didn’t have to do this, but he helped me be accountable for my goal of losing weight. He instructed me to email him every week with my weight update and he responded to E-V-E-R-Y 1 of my emails. At times he gave me suggestions until I found something that FINALLY helped me lose weight. It had been a little over a year since our first transfer cycle when we tried this second transfer. We decided to transfer our last 2 embryos. The anticipation of finding out if it worked was very intense, BUT IT WAS SUCCESSFUL!!! At the first ultrasound appointment was when I found out that both embryos actually took! We can’t thank Dr. Bayrak enough for the care and diligence in our case to make our dreams come true for me to become pregnant and for us to have our own biological child!”

Thank you again for helping make this happen for us, Dr. Bayrak! Will keep you posted and send you a picture of the baby when he/she is born. 🙂


“He is always available for questions (via email or phone), guiding us along this long journey.

Took a while for us to come to the decision to start a family with a new addition, thought might be too late. After trying for a year, determined to seek assistance. Went through the process with a few infertility specialists with no success. Came across positive reviews on Dr. Bayrak, LA IVF Clinic. (Now there is one more)


There were initial setbacks, but Dr. Bayrak encourage us to stay positive, with various options and paths to move forward. He is always available for questions (via email or phone), guiding us along this long journey. Our last attempt yielded five viable embryos, went ahead with the transfer with the best one. Dr. Bayrak totally respected our decision on a single embryo and not risk multiple pregnancy. Finally got the news a week later that we are pregnant, on the first IVF try, no less. Happy to say that we just reached our second trimester, with a due date in the summer.

The staff at LA IVF has been great thought out this process. Sheri, Sylvia, Linda, and of cause, Dr. Bayrak. We’re so appreciative! Thank you!”




“A week later, Dr. Bayrak called me with the most amazing news.

I was referred to Dr. Bayrak by one of my patients. I didn’t realize how much one person could change mine and my husbands life. From the moment we had our consultation, we knew he was the right fit for us. I was going to another fertility clinic in Beverly Hills for over a year and just felt like a random patient on a conveyer belt.

With Dr. Bayrak and his staff, they made me feel extremely comfortable. Of course you have to feel that with a place you’ll be visiting once a week if not more. He tested me for things the other facility never even talked about. We ended up finding that I have polyps. Such an easy fix right? Well, after having my polypectomy, I finally did my first round of IVF.  Yes, you heard it right, only one shot. During my egg retrieval, we were able to get 4 embryos making it to 5 day blastocyst. The day of implantation we transferred our best one. A week later, Dr. Bayrak called me with the most amazing news. You’re pregnant! Oh the joy! Now, I’m 9 weeks along and have already graduated from Dr. Bayrak’s office. It was hard to say goodbye, but they all did their part. Amy, Somira, Sheri and of course Dr. Bayrak were all amazing! We’re so grateful! Thank you!”




“We’re now expecting a baby boy after our first round of IVF

Dealing with unexplained infertility is stressful and difficult, but deciding to get help from Dr. Bayrak and his amazing staff was ultimately the best decision my husband and I made.  Dr. Bayrak was extremely knowledgeable about and helped us understand the most current (and appropriate) infertility treatments available to us.

Both he and his staff were always available, patient, and answered our many, many questions.  They all made a truly difficult process as easy as it could be from the treatments to the insurance.

We’re now expecting a baby boy after our first round of IVF and we truly could not have done this without Dr. Bayrak!

I highly recommend Dr. Bayrak to anyone dealing with infertility issues.”




“I was very pleased with Dr. Bayrak’s medical care.

I had an emergency situation where a cyst ruptured on my ovary and I needed to get care. As I returned back into the U.S. from studying abroad, he immediately scheduled me to see him the next day after my arrival. He was very thorough and forthright in explaining all the options for treatment. He also made sure he set up a highly-skilled medical staff to assist him in my surgical procedure, which helped to put my concerns at ease. 

Throughout the entire process, Dr. Bayrak answered all of my questions and responded quickly to all my messages, including e-mails. I never felt rushed in my appointments and his bedside manners were excellent. When other doctors were not able to detect the true problem, Dr. Bayrak was able to immediately diagnose the issue with ultrasound. In the end, Dr. Bayrak did an amazing job with the surgery. There were no complications and as complex as my situation was, my recovery time was faster than expected. Sylvia and Linda (in his office) were also excellent in scheduling all of my medical and surgical appointments, and working with my insurance company to get everything authorized in a timely manner. I highly recommend Dr. Bayrak to any woman who is looking for excellent OB/GYN care, especially for complicated situations.”




“I was in despair and disbelief!

I just turned 37 and I naturally conceived easily and gave birth to my son less than 4 years ago. I couldn’t believe that I all of sudden wouldn’t be able to give him a biological sibling! When I inquired about trying my own eggs just one more time, I was offered the exact same protocol, same medications and dosages with a low possibility of less than 5%. 

The doctor literally said into my face that there was nothing wrong with his perfect protocol and it was all my fault for making all bad eggs. For several days, I cried myself to sleep at night, I cried when hugging my son, feeling I failed him and my husband, and agonizing over giving it all up and leaving a permanent scar in my heart that I will have to live with for the rest of life. Finally I met Dr Brody (Dr Bayrak’s partner and monitoring physician) who looked at my case and found problems with the protocol I was on, and referred me to Dr Bayrak. Dr Brody looked at me in the eyes and said “Go to Dr Bayrak, it WILL work!”. At that moment, I felt more positive with the much needed mental support; however, considering all I had been through, I couldn’t bring myself to be fully convinced. So with some skepticism, I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Bayrak. Dr. Bayrak identified the problems with the protocol right away and proposed a completely different protocol that totally made sense to me, and said to me “Donor egg is only a shortcut if you want to take it, but I don’t think we are quite there yet!” He gave me a fair success estimate and reassured me it will be worth trying with my own eggs, and what we needed to do was to get on the right protocol. It meant a lot to me to have a doctor to have faith in me again. Dr. Bayrak sounded very knowledgeable, experienced, honest and confident. He was also approachable and relaxed (not rushing me in any way), which made me feel very comfortable interacting with him. Dr Bayrak was also very responsive – he gave me his own email and every time I sent him an email late at night, I got his reply early the very next morning! He and his staff understood our urgency and quickly pulled everything together including protocol, meds, insurance verification etc. seamlessly in less than a day so that I had everything ready when I started my cycle. My cycle didn’t go smoothly in the beginning as my AFC started out very low, I was worried that the cycle would get canceled like last time with the other clinic, but Dr Bayrak was not negative about it and proceeded with the right dosages based on his experience. And it really worked with my body! I made 11 eggs and 7 fertilized and 3 good quality at Day 5. The retrieval and transfer went smoothly, I didn’t have any spotting or cramping post-surgery like what I experienced with the other clinic. The recovery was amazing. All in all everything felt and turned out really different this time around. And the biggest difference!! – 10 days later I was tested positive for pregnancy with strong doubling HCGs, and a few weeks later, a strong heart-beat, and now 12 weeks later, my first-trimester serum testing came back with the wonderful news of a genetically perfect baby girl!! We couldn’t have been happier. I could start to feel my family is complete, a dream that had almost drifted away and now came true to me! It was surreal! The past one and a half years was the hardest, most emotional and stressful part of my life, and Dr Bayrak concluded it with a beautiful ending. I truly believe it was Dr Bayrak’s accurate diagnosis, customized protocol and treatment that made it happen. He is not afraid of taking on challenging cases to jeopardize statistics, not like some of the other clinics that claim high success rates by “cherry-picking” and rejecting tough cases. Dr Bayrak has a wonderful team. I can’t say enough nice things about my nurse Sheri, who is always so caring, responsive, patient and detailed-oriented. Office Manager Linda helped me deal with insurance in an efficient and responsive manner and is always courteous. Last but not least, Dr Brody, my monitoring physician (since I am not local to Dr Bayrak’s office), is a wonderful and caring person with a wealth of knowledge and experience helped me rebuild my faith when I was ready to give up, and gave me tremendous mental support when I needed it most. In a word, what everybody demonstrated is that they truly care about their patients. We are so grateful for what you have been able to do for us, Dr Bayrak, Dr Brody and team!”




“We are so extremely grateful and thankful to Dr. Bayrak and his staff.

Both my spouse and I are over 40 years old. We have tried getting pregnant for almost two years I have monitored my ovulation with an Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) and knew that I ovulated regularly every month. After thirteen months with OPKs, we tried five (5) rounds of Clomid with my regular Ob-Gyn and still was not successful.

It was heartbreaking month after month of negative results. We finally decided to give IVF a chance. We felt that this was our last chance. If IVF was not successful, we have agreed to stop trying and accept it. We met Dr. Bayrak towards the end of September 2012. My husband is also a doctor and pretty much asked plenty of questions. Dr. Bayrak was so patient with us and answered all of our questions. He was very informative. He also told us, “We only need one good egg.” We decided to move on with IVF with Dr. Bayrak. In October, I had an operation to remove fibroids, fix tubal problems, and mild endometriosis. In November, my hormone therapy started. Finally, beginning December, nine eggs were retrieved. We are now so very happy to say that we are pregnant with a singleton! He is due in August 2013. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Bayrak and his staff (Linda, Sylvia and Sheri). They are very patient, wonderful, courteous, polite, and professional. They always made me feel welcome and at ease. We are so extremely grateful and thankful to Dr. Bayrak and his staff. We very highly recommend!”




“Here I am 3 years later and cancer free

The other reviews are right on. I have a healthy 18 month old boy, thanks to Dr. Bayrak. I posted a glowing review for him on, but never knew doctors were rated on Yelp until we moved to the Bay Area. We are planning to fly down to see Dr. Bayrak for our 2nd, he is that good. In fact, our eggs are frozen with another clinic because he was with them before starting his own practice. 

We plan to go through the extra cost and trouble of transferring our eggs to his clinic to so we can follow him. It is evident that Dr. Bayrak truly cares for his patients’ health and overall well being. He is extemely thorough, conservative, and careful. I especially like that he does not prescribe unnecessary medications or order tests while he maintains these qualities. I found Dr. Bayrak upon the advice of a doctor friend. I saw two other reproductive endocrinologists first. One made me feel like cattle, and the other made me spend $900 on an unnecessary test. Both prescribed the pill (which I hate being on) to force a period, while Dr. Bayrak goes through the extra trouble of scheduling his treatment around your natural period. This, even though I have an irregular menstruated cycle. The other doctors also seemed more like businessmen concerned with profit (though subtly). Dr. Bayrak seems to practice medicine to truly treat and heal patients. For both a friend I referred and I, Dr. Bayrak offered to refer us to tests that had nothing to do with making a baby, but addressed our health (mine was a bone density test). No other doctors did this. Lastly, we chose Dr. Bayrak because he was one of the only doctors providing CGH testing at the time, much more accurate than traditional PGD/genetic testing. He warned me before I started with him that this technology was very new, some even considered it experimental, and I was fine with that. Here I am 3 years later and cancer free (long story short: I had a miscarriage beforehand that could have led to cancer because of a chromosomal defect with my egg, which is why my husband wanted genetic testing).”




“I have a mild Endometriosis and my husband has slightly low motility

I would like to thank Dr. Bayrak, Sheri, and Linda for being there for me for these last several months! I have a mild Endometriosis and my husband has slightly low motility.

I went to Dr. Bayrak after trying for a couple of years and now I am 10 weeks pregnant!!! I am very happy with Dr. Bayrak and his staff. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and personable. During the process, I never hesitated emailing him or Sheri, since they were both exceptionally helpful and quick in responding to my sometimes crazy questions. I remember a time that, in spite of Sheri’s extremely busy schedule, she stayed on the phone with me and the pharmacy to facilitate with the pharmacy’s insurance questions. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bayrak for any infertility issue.”




“My husband and I struggled with unexplained infertility for almost 3 years.

Unexplained infertility can be one of the most difficult challenges a couple can face in their marriage, let alone in their lives. My husband and I struggled with unexplained infertility for almost 3 years. Our decision to begin IVF treatment was not an easy one and finding the right team was essential.

The medical expertise and professionalism of Dr. Bayrak and his staff are the gold standard. However, the sensitivity, patience, and support we received from Dr. Bayrak are what will always remain in our hearts. IVF brings a rollercoaster of emotions and challenges, as well as difficult decisions that require support and guidance. Dr. Bayrak has an outstanding ability to communicate every stage of the medical process in ways we could easily understand and evaluate. Elevating his ability was his commitment, compassion, and confidence, which gave us strength throughout each cycle of our journey. Without his expertise and support we could not have endured and ultimately realized the dream of our own baby. We followed Dr. Bayrak from New York to Los Angeles with no hesitation. We are now blessed with a baby girl.”





“My husband and I are grateful to Dr. Bayrak and his amazing team for their support, encouragement and expertise

About a month after getting married at the age of 36, I had my FSH tested and it came back a 36.4. We had just started trying to get pregnant and I had no reason to believe there was anything wrong, so it was a complete shock to learn that I might not be able to have my own children. My OB recommended a few REs and my husband and I made appointments with two of them. 

The first was one of the big clinics in Beverly Hills with high success rates, so we felt confident walking in. That confidence was quickly replaced by dread and anxiety because the place felt like a car dealership, not a doctor’s office. They called me by the wrong name and we spent 10 minutes with a doctor who said there was no point in retesting my FSH and that my only option was an egg donor before quickly ushering us into the financing office (where, incidentally, they told us none of the packages were available to me because I was past their FSH cutoff). Needless to say, I left in tears. We then went to see Dr. Bayrak, who was kind and thorough, patiently explaining everything and suggesting that we have more tests before assuming I had no good eggs left. We knew immediately that he was going to be our doctor. He ultimately did retest my FSH, which was in the 12-13 range in subsequent tests – still challenging but not impossible (as a side note, we think the initial test may have been a lab error but will never know). After a few cycles of clomid and IUIs, he suggested we move on to IVF. On the first of what we expected to be many cycles, I had only 5 follicles and Dr. Bayrak successfully harvested all of them, 3 of which fertilized successfully. My husband and I elected to do the genetic testing and, unfortunately, only one of the three embryos tested normal. We knew our chances were slim with only one healthy embryo, but Dr. Bayrak was supportive and said it only takes one good egg. Ten days later, I had a positive pregnancy test followed by an ultrasound that showed not one but TWO heartbeats… our one healthy embryo had split into identical twin boys! From the very beginning, the thing that really struck me about Dr. Bayrak was his willingness to take on challenging cases. Unlike some of the big clinics that have FSH cutoffs and will cancel a cycle if you don’t have enough eggs, he is determined to make breakthroughs and actually believes one good egg is enough, despite the cost to his statistics. What I realized going through this process is that everyone immediately looks to the statistics in seeking an IVF clinic, but it’s easy to have the highest birthrates when you don’t take on the hard cases. My husband and I are grateful to Dr. Bayrak and his amazing team for their support, encouragement and expertise which enabled us to have the family that we’ve always wanted.”


“We had our baby in April 2009, and will definitely travel again for another baby.

We are an Australian couple who had been trying for 10 years to have a baby. During this time I had 3 laparoscopies for ovarian cysts and was also diagnosed with endometriosis after the first surgery. We then tried a naturopath and fell pregnant twice with her but suffered miscarriages at 7 weeks. We then tried IVF on and off for a few years with more disappointment and miscarriages. 

I was then told my eggs were of inferior quality due to the endometriosis, surgeries and age. We then found an egg donor and fell pregnant first cycle with her but unfortunately, another miscarriage occurred at 9 weeks. As we were about to give up, my husband was told of another Australian couple who had traveled to the United states for IVF treatment and now have a baby. We spoke with Dr. Bayrak by phone and he answered every question we had and forwarded information to read about procedures and paper work to be filled out if we were interested in doing IVF with him. All of Dr. Bayrak’s staff was very patient and helpful every time we rang for help or to ask questions. IVF cycle was very different to Australian IVF, but much easier. We proceeded with all tests needed and we then traveled to the United States in July 2008 and met everyone at Dr. Bayrak’s office We had our baby in April 2009, and will definitely travel again for another baby. I would highly recommend Dr. Bayrak and all his staff are helpful, patient and understanding of the disappointment of suffering infertility.”


“It only took us one visit with Dr. Bayrak for us to decide that we wanted him to be our doctor.

He always spent plenty of time with us answering all of our concerns and made us feel comfortable. He continually impressed us with his attention to detail and with his intimate knowledge of our medical history.

Even months after helping us achieve our dream, he continued to respond to our questions. We are grateful for our experience with Dr. Bayrak and wish all those that have infertility issues the expertise of a Doctor like Dr. Bayrak.”


“Thank you so much Dr. Bayrak and the entire team in helping us have our dream come true!

My husband and I came to see Dr. Bayrak after 3 years of trying to get pregnant. During the first year of our attempts, we tried almost all over-the-counter ovulation kits, basal body temperature charts and ovulation monitors to understand the best time to conceive. They all showed I was properly ovulating around the same time each cycle but they did not help us reach our goal. 

The second year, we thought it would make sense to have some fertility tests performed by my regular OB/GYN doctor on both of us to know whether something is wrong. Good thing, the test results came out normal, there were no real reasons that we couldn’t conceive! We had three IUI trials on which our doctor was very optimistic about the results each time; however in the end none of them turned out to be positive. I totally changed my diet into a fertility-friendly one and started to exercise regularly. When we were ready, we made our appointment with Dr. Bayrak to discuss further solutions as to how to beat our unexplained infertility problem. On our second try we were able to get pregnant and with twins (one boy and one girl)! Thank you so much Dr. Bayrak and the entire team in helping us have our dream come true!”


“Dr. Bayrak we will not ever forget what you have done for us!!!

The journey we have had has been a long one. We began in 2003 with a different fertility clinic. Our cause of infertility was damaged tubes. We had many attempts with IVF, four to be exact. With three of them I had miscarriages. The emotions that come with that are devastating. I kept asking “Isn’t there anything else we could do?” Nothing else was offered even with all my pleading. We had given up, decided that we could no longer take the pain. 

In June of 2008 we met with Dr. Bayrak who said to us that in his opinion my damaged tubes were the problem. That every time I would get pregnant the fluid that was produced in my tubes each month was going into my uterus and causing me to have a miscarriage. We had never heard of such a thing. From the very first visit with Dr. Bayrak, he knew things and told us things we had never heard. He told us that we could benefit from getting my tubes completely removed, and he told us about CGH. We left that appointment just thinking WOW why didn’t the other place know anything we were just told? Dr. Bayrak was so knowledgeable and so informed on so many things that we decided to go ahead and try once again. In July I had my tubes removed, in September I had egg retrieval and three days later sent our embryos out for CGH testing. We decided to have our transfer in January 2009. So on January 16 we had our transfer, and ten days later we got the results of my first blood test which was positive. Sure we were happy but we had been through this part before and we looked at it like stages we had to keep passing. Than the next test and once again it was positive and my numbers had more than doubled, so that looked good, but still I was not convinced that I was really pregnant or that I would not miscarry. Then we waited for the ultrasound day, another stage we needed to pass. I am telling you the waiting is the longest time ever. Then finally February 20th is here and Dr. Bayrak does the ultrasound and there on the monitor is really a baby. We were amazed and in such awe. He showed us the heartbeat and then we listened to the heartbeat and when I heard the sound of the heart, I cried and cried and just could not believe that this was truly happening. I told Dr. Bayrak that he had no idea what he had given us, all these years of trying and in one time he did it. He gave us what no one else could. We cannot say enough good things about Dr. Bayrak, he took the time to find the problem and solve it and now he has completed our family and we will always be grateful to him for that. His knowledge and expertise and pure genius have allowed our dreams of completing our family come true. Thank you so MUCH.”


“We are a couple from Germany who had 6 failed IVF cycles and were recommended to use donor eggs.

Dr. Bayrak reviewed our case in detail and told us things that we never heard before explaining every single detail. He told us that he cannot guarantee the pregnancy, but if he were to find chromosome normal embryos with CGH test, we would have high chance of success. 

We transferred two CGH normal embryos and had a baby boy after 16 years of trying!!! The hero of our story is Dr. Bayrak and I would highly recommend him to anyone who suffers from infertility because we were blessed to be his patient. My husband tells everyone what he accomplished that no other doctor could. Many thanks to his wonderful staff as well.”


“I have done multiple IVF cycles (9 to be exact) and had 4 miscarriages before I met Dr. Bayrak.

He told me that in his opinion my uterus was the problem. I did not believe him in the beginning because I had my uterus checked in the past and had all the testing that you can imagine. He said he wants to do a hysteroscopy “to assess my uterus further” and try to identify the problem (I had 2 hysteroscopy before).   When I woke up after the procedure, he said my uterus was too small (showed me the pictures) and that I need to use a surrogate. Apparently, I had what they call T shape uterus. I never heard it before, so I googled it. I eventually convinced myself to use a surrogate. Dr. Bayrak was so thorough with our case that we were quite impressed. We did our final IVF cycle with him using a surrogate and have a baby girl now. If you have infertility whatever the cause is, you should see Dr. Bayrak without hesitation. Thank you for everything, you are the best.”


“If he could figure out how to get me then I imagine he could make that happen for practically anyone.

Infertility is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. Before going to Dr. Bayrak, I spent about a year going through IVF treatments with a large area fertility clinic. I am a complicated case and eventually I hit a point where my previous RE didn’t know what to do with me. I decided to meet with several REs for second opinions. Dr. Bayrak was the first meeting my husband and I attended.

In that meeting, Dr. Bayrak caught a problem on my HSG x-ray that had gone unnoticed by two previous doctors. He also had ideas for how to correct some odd lining issues I was having. My husband (who is a doctor himself) was as impressed as I was… and we left that meeting with hope — something we had gone without for so long. From the very beginning of my time with Dr. Bayrak, I was medically “smitten”. I never felt rushed in my appointments. He always took his time and answered ALL of my questions — and I always had a lot. I could always reach him by email or phone. I was so jaded coming from my prior clinic that I was used to trying to “oversee” my own treatment. But Dr. Bayrak was always on top of every little detail and eventually I just learned to let go and trust my RE. I had so many dark moments where I thought I was just going to be someone who couldn’t get pregnant. I am now almost out of my first trimester. I am so amazed and impressed with Dr. Bayrak. I feel like this might not have happened if my husband and I hadn’t walked into his office that day. I can’t put into words how grateful we are to him — our biggest dream is coming true thanks to him and I would recommend him to anyone. If he could figure out how to get me, an unfortunately complicated case, pregnant… then I imagine he could make that happen for practically anyone.”


“We cannot truly express our dearest thanks to all involved that helped us achieve our dream to become parents.

Our desire for children was always there, but after almost 2 years of trying we were becoming increasing concerned that something was wrong. We decided to start taking Clomid to increase our chances, but after 3 months of Clomid with no results we began to think that our chances of having children might be something out of our reach. 

We did everything that we were told by our doctors, we are both healthy and there seemed to be nothing to flag any reproductive issues. That was when we met with Dr Bayrak and our journey to parenthood began. Dr Bayrak was upfront with all the latest reproductive information, very thorough with our testing/examinations, honest about everything we would need to do if we wanted to go the IVF route and very patient/calm when answering all of our concerns/questions. He always made us feel that we had a chance to become parents. We discovered after some testing that I was a triple threat – I had a fibroid, a paratubal cyst and old endometriosis that was interfering with my ability to get pregnant. Once Dr Bayrak was able to remove everything, I was able to focus on healing and getting ready for our first cycle. Speaking as a person who hates needles it was a bit nerve racking when starting our first cycle of IVF, but Dr Bayrak and his wonderful staff helped me through the whole process. Dr Bayrak and his staff were always there when I needed support or had questions. You were always in good hands at all times. After the egg retrieval we did decide to have chromosomal testing done to find out if any of our embryos might have any issues prior to implantation. Our biggest fear was to get pregnant and then miscarry due to an abnormality. We were blessed to have 4 perfectly normal and healthy embryos ready for implant. There is always the fear that it might not work, but after our first cycle my blood work came back positive and my hormone levels continued to double thereafter. We were ecstatic that we were finally pregnant! The most amazing moment with Dr Bayrak was when we were able to watch our son turn to look at the sonogram and wave…there are no words that can explain the emotions we felt. In February 2011, we were blessed to finally meet our beautiful healthy son and it has been bliss ever since. We are already discussing when we will implant our next embryo. With the wonderful help of Dr Bayrak and his amazing staff we have been given the gift of a son and the future of more children. We cannot truly express our dearest thanks to all involved that helped us achieve our dream to become parents.”


“He is very caring, knowledgeable and professional.

My husband and I were trying to have a baby for 5 years. Everyone at Dr. Bayrak’s office was very caring and committed.

They were always available to answer all of our questions. We had two IVF cycles in 2008 and got pregnant on the second IVF cycle. We would specially like to give our appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Bayrak and his team. Even after being discharged, Dr. Bayrak still follows up with my pregnancy progress and answers all of our questions. He is very caring, knowledgeable and professional. We would highly recommend Dr. Bayrak.”


“My story is not unlike so many others.

I’m 39 years old and was diagnosed with endometriosis and depleted ovarian reserve (FSH was 16 and AMH was less than .16). My husband and I wanted a child, but were realistic about our chances of conceiving. During the last two years we met with many doctors – most said our chances of conceiving naturally we’re about 0%.

My chance of conceiving with my own eggs was 5 – 15%. Some doctors wouldn’t even meet with us given my FSH and AMH levels. It wasn’t looking good for us. Enter the team of Dr. Brody and Dr. Bayrak. Dr. Brody is world renowned reproductive endocrinologist based in San Diego. He works closely with Dr. Bayrak, , one of the most successful IVF doctors in the country, who is based in LA. Theirs is a true partnership in the effort to achieve the goal of a pregnancy for all women who enter into their offices.Upon entering Dr. Brody’s office I saw an old newspaper article headlined “The Miracle Worker.” I thought to myself, “I sure hope so – that’s exactly what I need right about now, a miracle worker.” I met with Dr. Brody – skeptical, yet hopeful. He explained the collaboration with Dr. Bayrak and walked us through exactly what our options were, how the process would work and set realistic expectations. We were initially hesitant to work with two doctors – one remotely. But, once we realized that we would benefit from the tremendous expertise of both doctors we decided to move forward with them. The Right Choice for Us. Working with Doctor’s Brody and Bayrak over the last several months was a wonderful, seamless process. We felt like we had a team of doctors that personally cared for us and was looking out for us. Dr. Brody literally spent hours with us, answering every question we had, allaying our fears and reassuring us in the process. Dr. Brody is absolutely passionate about helping couples to achieve their aspirations of having a family as is Dr. Bayrak. Dr. Bayrak and his team checked in with me weekly (okay, sometimes daily), devised the right protocol for me, held our hand explaining how to do every new injection, patiently calming me down when panicked and advised me during every step of the process. One is all you need. After weeks of being poked and prodded, pumping myself up full of drugs and hormones leading up to our egg retrieval we were given the disappointing news that we only had one good egg. One! After all those drugs, just one. I was devastated and considered cancelling the cycle. Dr. Bayrak and Dr. Brody conferred and recommended we move forward with the cycle. Most other clinics would have called everything off, not them. They told me all we need is one good egg. We took their advice and moved forward with the retrieval. They were right. That one good egg turned into one good embryo which is now one good fetus.Our little miracle We are now 13 weeks pregnant and absolutely thrilled. Dr. Bayrak and Dr. Brody truly are the miracle workers we needed.”


“My wife and I can whole-heartedly say that visiting the LAIVF clinic was the best decision we’ve made.

We had a positive experience from our first appointment and throughout the whole process. Having to go through 2 cycles Dr. Bayrak along with Sheri, Sylvia, and Linda always had a positive outlook and went above and beyond to make this process as stress free as possible. 

After our first failed cycle, my wife and I had decided to wait to try again because of emotional and financial reasons, but Dr. Bayrak advised we try right away because it increased the chances of a positive outcome, which was the best advise ever. We are now 37 weeks pregnant and awaiting a healthy baby girl!”





“I had the feeling from the moment we met Dr. Bayrak that my wife was going to get pregnant.

His confidence and belief together with his impeccable professionalism and deep knowledge of what he does allowed us to feel relaxed through what is a really difficult process physically and emotionally. 

It was our 3rd time and so for us the stakes were huge. when he informed us that my wife was carrying twins it was quite simply one of the most AMAZING moments of our life together. her face lit up like a beacon and i had to stop myself from falling apart! i cannot recommend him highly enough. and his staff are absolutely wonderful. caring, professional, warm and protective. if there were 6 stars i would have given them!”





“I cannot say enough good things about Dr Bayrak and this clinic.

If you want to find an excellent caring doctor where you feel the service is truly personal and first class this is the place for you !! Prior to finding him , we had done 2 rounds of IVF at apparently the ‘top’ IVF clinic in LA … 

I have to say the whole experience of this other clinic was like being on a conveyor belt, with a one size fits all approach to fertility and an unbearably crowded waiting room full of anxious couples. Not a pleasant experience. This other clinic also failed to notice that I had endometriosis and a cyst the size of a peach on my left ovary . After 2 failed rounds of IVF with them my obgyn strongly recommended I went to see Dr Bayrak. Dr Bayrak couldn’t have been nicer at a point where I was feeling very dubious about my chances of being able to have my own child . I had surgery to remove the lesions on my ovary and then he sent me off to have tests to check for natural killer cells which i also had. DOing IVF here was like an entirely new experience. Dr Bayrak was always there – he gave me his cell phone number so i could reach him anytime – and when i did need him on a couple of occasions over the weekend and in the evening , he was always there as promised, reassuring and kind as he was throughout. This clinic is very personal, not crowded, you feel as if you are their only patient and that is very reassuring . The whole experience was gentle and stress free- and best of all – the result- I am now pregnant with twins . If anyone is having problems with fertility I strongly recommend they go to this clinic – there is no better doctor and you could not be in safer hands- not only that , the actual experience of doing the treatment is in a different league- stress free, calm and gentle- just what you need to help you go through IVF.”




“We feel so blessed and grateful to have found Dr. Bayrak

Dr. Bayrak helped my husband and I navigate the terrifying waters of infertility with patience, humor and a huge wealth of knowledge. 

His ability to explain even the most difficult procedures in terms we could easily understand put us at ease during what could have been a very stressful time and we feel so lucky to have had his guidance. He made himself completely available to us anytime we had questions or concerns, whether it was in office, via phone or email. His staff is so warm and committed. They genuinely cared about our success and cheered us on throughout our treatment process. We feel so blessed and grateful to have found Dr. Bayrak and we are thrilled to say that our baby will be 5 months old tomorrow! We have referred 3 people to him and 2 of them have had babies!!”





“I have already referred him to two of my friends.

I was referred to Dr Bayrak by my brother in law. We had been trying and were looking find someone who could help us. Dr Bayrak put as at ease immediately. He is very knowledegable about what he does and most of all, from day one, I felt I could put my complete trust in him. Throughout the treatment, he always answered the questions we had no matter how trivial they were and that included on weekends and holidays. The office itself functions as a well oiled machine, they (Linda and Sylvia) took care of EVERYTHING including the insurance hassles. Sherri is very helpful too with questions regarding the medications/injections/first pregnancy worries etc. Overall we have been very very happy with Dr Bayrak and have already referred him to two of my friends.”




“I highly recommend Doctor Bayrak.

Both my husband and I are 29 years old and had been trying to have a baby for about a year. I scheduled myself to see Dr. Bayrak after going through three consecutive miscarriages (all before nine weeks). 

On our first consultation Doctor Bayrak was very thorough about explaining all the possible causes of my miscarriages. He also explained about the various tests that he would order to find an explanation. He answered all of our questions. I didn’t get a chance to have any of the tests done, except for one, because I un-expectantly got pregnant for the fourth time. I was really nervous and scared because I was sure that this would end up in another miscarriage. Doctor Bayrak was very comforting and offer to follow me closely the first twelve weeks. I was scheduled in, the next day after my positive home pregnancy test. Doctor Bayrak also prescribed me medication; to help support my pregnancy. I am currently fifteen weeks pregnat and until now everything has been well. Doctor Bayraks’ staff members are also great and helpful; specially Sylvia. My questions were always answered promptly. I never had problems with scheduling appointments. I never felt rushed in any of my appointments. The max waiting time to see the doctor was probably ten minutes. Over all Doctor Bayrak is awesome.”




“I went to Dr. Bayrak for a consultation the day before my 39th birthday,

I had decided it was my last chance to harvest and preserve my eggs for future use. This was a VERY emotional decision for me for many reasons. Before our meeting, I had researched many doctors in this field.

I had read up so much on Dr. Bayrak to the point where I probably could have written his professional biography. Upon our arrival we were greeted by his office staff and introduced to everyone. Dr. Bayrak met with me for over an hour and took a complete history and answered every question I had in both medical terms and simple terms. He consistently made sure I understood all my options and patiently and professionally answered all of my questions. Even though I had gone in with a negative attitude towards my elected procedure, he was very positive and uplifting in what he thought would be my results. His nurses, Sheri and Sylvia were beyond caring and professional and Linda handled the business end very professionally. I elected to do 3 rounds of egg harvesting. Dr. Bayrak and Sheri were supportive, nurturing, professional and caring throughout all three cycles. Dr. Bayrak was most supportive with having a positive attitude which extended to me throughout my course of treatment. Even though I had done 2 previous cycles, at each appointment Dr. Bayrak would ask me if I had any questions or concerns and would spend ample time answering any questions I had and would encourage me to contact him if any other concerns came up. He was always available via email or phone. I am beyond ecstatic that I did my research and chose Dr. Bayrak over anyone else. Dr. Bayrak saw me for all of my visits and performed all ultra sounds himself whereas other practices hand you off to a nurse for the ultrasounds. As much precision and knowledge this field of medicine requires, I’m grateful that he did everything himself. Honestly speaking, every single visit wasn’t perfect, but that’s to be expected in the real world. I would whole heartedly recommend Dr. Bayrak not only for his excellent clinical skills, but for his amazing bedside manner and organized office staff.”