It seems as though nutrition and wellness is on the minds of everyone these days, especially those who are planning to conceive. Proper nourishment is key to the healthy development of your unborn child, but it’s also essential to your own health during pregnancy. You’re getting ready for the marathon of a lifetime and you need all the good health and strength you can get.

For those women who have not yet conceived, or who are concerned about their fertility, or the fertility of their partner, nutrition is even more important. Vitamin and mineral supplements are an excellent way to ensure your reproductive health is in order. In addition to clean, nourishing foods, fertility supplements ensure you’ll get any vital nutrient that may be missing from your diet.


Cover All of Your Nutritional Bases

Certain nutrients have a serious impact on your reproductive health and should absolutely be included in your supplement regimen. These dietary components aid in healthy ovulation, and help to create a fertile and warm environment for your baby to grow and develop. Dads also benefit from supplementation during the preconception period. There are essential micronutrients, vitamins and minerals which promote healthy development of sperm and semen.


For Those Trying to Conceive

A healthy, well-balanced diet, one that includes fresh fruit and vegetables, low fat proteins, legumes, whole grains, and healthy fats goes a long way in maintaining the health of your reproductive system. In addition to your healthy diet, you should include:

Fish Oil is an excellent source of Omega 3. 1000mg of Omega 3 will promote good egg quality, ovarian function, and improve sperm quality and motility. For women over the age of 35, omega 3 supplements may help extend fertility.

Vitamin D3 is recommended before, during, and after pregnancy. Most adults in the U.S. are deficient in vitamin D3. This deficiency can interfere with your overall health, including your fertility. D3 helps prepare your uterus for implantation, and aids in the healthy development of the placenta. Vitamin D3 also guards against pre-eclampsia (extreme hypertension) and gestational diabetes. For women undergoing IVF, a recent study shows those who have higher levels of vitamin D3 have more success.

Folic Acid is a synthetic form of folate. You are likely getting some folate through your healthy diet. Leafy greens, lentils, kidney beans, and citrus are all good sources of this essential nutrient that supports neural tube development in your baby. The problem with relying on diet only for this very important component of a healthy pregnancy is that there’s no way to really know if you’re getting enough folate. Preparation of these foods can change the amount of folate they provide. By supplementing with a multi-vitamin that provides double the RDA of folic acid you’re ensuring the healthy brain development of your baby. For mom-to-be, folate is necessary for mood regulation and development of red blood cells. Both are necessary for fertility wellness.

Multi-vitamin supplements with a focus on fertility will provide a full range of those necessary vitamins and minerals necessary to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy and support you and your baby going forward. You can check out these supplements recommended to both men and women trying to conceive (


Start Now

Ideally, being able to maintain wellness prior to conception ensures your baby-and you-will get all the nutrients necessary when pregnancy occurs. Certain birth-defects, along with low birth weight, premature birth, and many other issues are associated with the lack or imbalance of particular nutrients. That’s why, for your reproductive health and the future health of you and your baby, you need to begin supplementing with high-quality vitamins at least 3-6 months prior to conception.


So Much Can Affect Fertility-Do Everything You Can Now

Your body is a fine-tuned machine and if all the elements are not in synch your health may be at risk. When your body perceives stress, in the form of an illness, anxiety, overexertion, or lack in certain nutrients, it shuts down certain physical demands in an effort to conserve energy. Reproductive health often suffers as a result. To ensure your body isn’t getting the wrong message thorough and proper nutrition is vital.

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