What Are Some Natural Remedies to Improve My IVF Outcome

Successful IVF depends on many things. The quality of the eggs and sperm, the viability of the embryos and your body’s response throughout the entire IVF cycle all help determine the outcome. And between the doctor’s appointments, tests, ultrasounds, hormone injections and schedules you likely feel as though you don’t have any control.

However, a big part of your IVF outcome depends on you. After all, it’s your body going through the cycle, and you can help things along by incorporating some natural remedies with a history of improving the outcome of IVF. Here we offer up the most advantageous natural practices you can use while undergoing IVF.

Diet and Lifestyle

First and foremost, you need to examine your diet and your lifestyle. Are you a grab-n-go cold-pizza-for-breakfast type? Or do you need more than a few cups of coffee to get going? Are French fries your veggie of choice? If any of that sounds familiar, you may want to rethink your diet.

The best dietary approach is to eat good-for-you foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of leafy greens, olive oil, whole grains and lean protein like fish and chicken. Avoid processed foods, refined sugars, and cut way back on caffeine. A glass of wine occasionally is fine, but you really should avoid consuming alcohol regularly.

According to a recent study published in Science Daily those who follow the Mediterranean Diet for at least six months prior to their IVF cycle have a significantly greater chance of a successful outcome. Following the Mediterranean Diet has a positive impact on overall health so have your partner join you.

Reduce Your Stress

Stress is truly an epidemic in today’s world and one with a negative impact on both male and female fertility. If you want a successful IVF outcome, get a handle on your stress. Take stock of your daily life and identify your stressors. If there are some you can remove from your life or pause for the time being, do so. Sometimes something as seemingly benign as social media, the news or just screen time interferes with your day and your inner peace. If that’s the case, there’s likely no reason you can’t hit pause for a while.

Managing those things that cause you stress which you can’t remove from your life (work, relationships, etc.) is essential to your health. Consider incorporating activities such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, and engaging in mindfulness. Start a journal. A gratitude journal has some powerful effects in quelling stress. Walk in nature or make a regular date with friends. Just learn to let go, and your body responds in so many wonderful ways, like improving your IVF outcome!



The ancient art of acupuncture has many positive effects when it comes to IVF. Acupuncture relaxes the body and reduces the effects of stress and improves blood flow to the uterus and other reproductive organs. In fact a recent study published in the NIH Library of Medicine suggests acupuncture, when performed on the day of embryo transfer, improves pregnancy rates.


Herbal Supplements

Some have found certain herbal supplements help the body respond to IVF in a positive way. These supplements are Chasteberry, which helps regulate your hormones and Maca which is also beneficial to your hormone response and improves sperm quality. Keep in mind that the FDA doesn’t regulate or approve these supplements. Also, they could react with IVF medications. Be sure you purchase the highest quality supplements and consult with an herbalist before you invest. Above all consult your doctor before taking any herbal supplements.



Coenzyme Q10 is present in the body and aids in creating healthy cells, specifically by supplying energy to the cells. Some studies show there is a connection between CoQ10 and improved sperm and egg quality.

A study by the organization Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine confirms CoQ10 increased the concentration and improved the motility of sperm by 26%. And a study by the group Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology found CoQ10 improved with ovarian response and embryo quality.

Natural Remedies Aren’t Guaranteed

There you have it, the best natural remedies to help your IVF cycle. We do have one caveat, however, please always check with your doctor before trying any of our natural remedies. Each case of infertility is unique and while some people benefit from these practices’ others may not.

It is important for you to remember that these remedies aren’t a guarantee of a successful IVF outcome. However by keeping healthy through diet and exercise and doing all you can to reduce your stress levels you are helping your body be more receptive to IVF and fertility treatment.


We Can Help

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