Going through fertility treatment is a wild ride of emotions. One day you’re upbeat and filled with hope and the next you feel as though a dark cloud looms over your head. These are normal feelings and you should expect them all along your journey.


8 Healthy Activities For Body and Mind

Keeping your mind occupied is one way to combat the stress and fear surrounding your fertility treatment. By participating in mild physical activity and engaging in a new (or old) hobby you busy your mind with other things. Rather than focusing on the outcome of your IVF treatment and worrying yourself into a tizzy, pick up that old sketchpad, jump on the latest TikTok baking trend or crank up the tunes and dance away. Here we offer eight ways to keep body and mind healthy and active throughout IVF.


1. Go For A Walk

It seems as though there’s nothing a walk in nature won’t cure. Walking in nature is a proven stress reducer and has many more benefits as well. Whether you go for a stroll through your local park or a leisurely hike in the woods you will benefit. The American Psychiatric Association links walking in nature with a better ability to focus, improved mood and reduced risk of anxiety and depression. So tie up those sneaks and hit a trail. But first talk with your doctor. It’s wise to obtain your doctors approval before embarking on any physical activity.


2. Reading

While binge-watching one of the latest streaming dramas definitely occupies your mind, there’s just something about reading a good book that transports you to another world. Pop an e-reader into your bag or pick up the latest thriller and dive in. Reading is convenient and a great exercise for your brain. And with all the appointments surrounding your IVF, passing the time with a good book is a great idea.


3. Dance It Out

Dancing checks all the boxes when it comes to ways to keep active throughout IVF. It’s a feel-good exercise. Dancing releases endorphins, like all exercise, but also allows creative expression. Whether you dance by yourself in the privacy of your own home or cut a rug with your partner taking lessons at your local dance studio you will definitely bust your stress and keep your mind and body active.


4. Go Yoga

Much like walking, yoga has so many benefits! Studies confirm yoga enhances your mood, manages symptoms of anxiety and depression and improves your overall sense of wellbeing. Many providers even recommend yoga for patients undergoing IVF. If you’re eager for serenity now and some beneficial physical activity give yoga a try. Speak with your physician and avoid any strenuous poses as well as hot yoga. Let your instructor know you’re undergoing IVF and they may modify some of the poses so your risk of injury is lower.


5. Volunteer, Help Others and Keep Active

Many people find volunteering an excellent way to “get out of your own head.”  Helping others just feels good and you gain as much as you give. Do you have a special charity or faith-based community? Look into ways you can volunteer and make a difference. There’s always a need for dedicated volunteers.


6. Get Your Creativity Flowing

Whether you like to craft or knit, sculpt or do wood work, sew or paint happy little trees now is a great time to get creative. Creativity is a wonderful form of self-care. When you’re doing something you really enjoy (Even if you aren’t any good!) you reduce stress significantly. Any enjoyable creative pursuit releases dopamine, a natural feel-good hormone. You’ll instantly feel a sense of calm, much like you feel in a meditative state. So grab that paintbrush, go to a pottery studio or thread that needle and create!


7. Plant a Garden

Depending on the time of year and where you live, gardening is a fantastic pick-me-up! And there’s a bonus; gardening is a form of exercise, and you get to reap what you sow! Even if you don’t have a yard in which to plant a full-scale garden container gardening is just as beneficial. If you’re into vegetable gardening find some easy and fun veggies to grow. Are flowers more your thing? Beautify your environment and see how uplifting it is to nurture and grow something so lovely. Gardening is good for you, good for the environment and helpful to our wonderful pollinators.


8. Enjoy a Cooking Class

Do you enjoy cooking? Baking? Cake Decorating? There are hundreds of classes available, both online and in-person, no matter your skill level. Release your inner Julia or Duff and get in the kitchen. You’ll learn some new things, which is great for occupying your mind, and get the added bonus of something delicious and healthy to share with your partner.


Stay Active and Leave It To Us

Keeping active throughout IVF treatment isn’t all about the physical. In fact, there are some periods during treatment when your doctor advises against physical activity. Sometimes changing your focus from stressing about your IVF outcome is as easy as losing yourself in a good book or fun hobby and leaving the rest to your fertility team. For more on keeping active throughout IVF, or any other fertility concerns contact LA IVF.