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All of the information-and misinformation-surrounding the Covid-19 vaccines is confusing and worrisome, especially for those who are starting a family. But it’s safe to trust the science when it comes to staying protected from this deadly virus that has held the world hostage for more than a year.

Researchers at the CDC, in an analysis of safety data, have found no evidence linking either the Moderna or Pfizer BioNTech vaccinations to any risks or complications to pregnancy. These vaccines are proving to be entirely safe for women who are, or seeking to become, pregnant.


Pregnant Women and The Covid Vaccine

Early development of the vaccines did not include pregnant women in clinical trial groups. This left researchers, physicians and patients uncertain as to the safety of vaccinating pregnant people. The uncertainty led to plenty of misinformation regarding the possibility of harm to both mother and baby. Thankfully, we can now dispel the rumors and provide solid evidence that Moderna and Pfizer provide protection from coronavirus and no harm to mother or developing fetus.

Although the United States is just now closing in on three months of vaccine rollout and the findings are preliminary, all evidence points to a healthy immune response in pregnant women and zero impact on the developing fetus. The study sought data from 35,000 women who were pregnant at the time of their vaccine or shortly thereafter. It is the largest study to date on the safety of both Pfizer and Moderna shots and offers solid evidence on the safety of these two coronavirus vaccines.


The Research and Evidence

The CDC based the study, conducted beginning December 14, 2020, on self-reported data from the CDC smartphone app V-safe. The CDC put the monitoring system in place to track respondents’ side effects and health following their vaccinations. This allows researchers to focus their attention on particular groups of participants.

The target group for this study consisted of 35,691 vaccinated women who were either pregnant at the time of their vaccine or became pregnant shortly thereafter. Pregnant and non-pregnant people reported the same pattern of side effects: injection site soreness, fatigue, headaches and muscle pain. Pregnant individuals experienced injection site pain more frequently than those who were not pregnant, but data showed they had fewer occurrences of the other common symptoms.

Pregnancy outcomes were consistent with those reported prior to the pandemic, and the vaccines had no impact on the rates of live birth, miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight or birth defects.

Not only does this reassuring evidence offer proof that plenty of pregnant women opt for the vaccine but also shows they experience no more than the side effects experienced by non-pregnant people. This knowledge allows physicians and public health professionals to recommend Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to those who are pregnant or trying to conceive.


Recommending The Vaccine

While obtaining the vaccination is a personal decision opting against the shot poses potential risks with grave consequences, especially to pregnant people. According to the CDC pregnant women who come down with the virus are more likely to develop the more serious symptoms of the illness including hospitalization, intensive care and ventilation. And pregnant women are more likely to die from Covid-19 than those who are not pregnant.


Consult Your Physician

If you are pregnant, trying to conceive, undergoing fertility treatment or concerned in any way it’s best to seek advice from your physician. Your doctor understands and has access to all the science regarding these vaccines. Things to discuss with your doctor regarding the Covid-19 vaccine are:


  • How much you interact with the general population, your risk for exposure, the trend number of those diagnosed as Covid-19 positive in your area.


  • Your individual risk for allergic reaction to the vaccine and what you can do about it.


  • Those activities you can resume and those you should avoid, post vaccination.


  • How to best protect yourself, your baby and those around you should you opt against the vaccine.


Until we achieve herd immunity the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones against Covid-19 is by getting vaccinated. Pfizer and Moderna are medically proven safe for the majority of the population, including those who are pregnant. At LA IVF we’re here to answer any questions you have regarding Covid-19, vaccinations and your fertility. Please contact us today for more information.


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