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Category: Pregnancy

I Was Told I was Too Overweight to Have a Baby

Obesity is out of control in the United States, making us one of the unhealthiest nations in the world. According to the CDC, a study done in 2015 found 39.8% of American adults were considered obese, and 31.8% are considered overweight, including women of childbearing age. If your physician has told you your weight is […]

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The Best Self Care Techniques During IVF

Self-care is essential at any time of life. Defined as “any activity we do to deliberately take care of ourselves” self-care can be as simple as clearing your calendar of unimportant “stuff”, shutting down your devices for a bit, or taking a walk. You needn’t schedule a trip to a spa, or go “off the […]

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Expecting Twins? How to Prepare at Home

Finding out that you’re expecting twins comes with a roller coaster ride of emotions. In the span of a nanosecond you feel excited, afraid, worried beyond anything you’ve imagined, and so very-and cautiously-happy. Being pregnant with two babies does come with its share of medical concerns; Multiples are known for their early arrival, and can […]

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I Want a Baby But Not Just Yet-Am I Being Selfish?

For many women, the path to motherhood is clear, and has been from a young age. There are those women who just seem to be born nurturers, casting any aspirations for self aside, and focusing on feathering a nest for her brood. These women seem eager to begin their families and never look back. Some […]

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Does Caffeine Affect Fertility?

For most couples, deciding to conceive a child is a conscious decision. You’ve daydreamed about your little one, possible even thought about names, taken a look at your finances, and maybe you’ve even shared your decision with a few close family members, or friends. As the possibility of becoming pregnant takes shape, you very likely […]

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Ectopic Pregnancy: 6 Things You Need to Know

An ectopic pregnancy is devastating on many levels. The loss of any pregnancy packs an emotional punch, even one that is unviable. Additionally, an ectopic pregnancy can be a life-threatening event for the mother, and, depending on how early you find that your pregnancy is ectopic, your future fertility may be at stake, due to […]

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The Role of Prenatal Vitamins and Supplements During Pregnancy

In a perfect world, we’d get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition we need from our diets. Unfortunately, this world is far from perfect and many of us catch our meals on the run, or skip them altogether. In an effort to achieve an ideal weight many individuals give up certain components of a balanced […]

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What Are the Chances of Twins With Different Fertility Treatments

The mere mention of fertility treatments usually causes anyone within ear shot to comment on your odds for multiples, such as twins, triplets, or reflect on Octo Mom (remember her?), offering opinions, citing examples, and basically getting in your business. You already know and probably understand that multiples are a risk in many fertility treatments. […]

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Basics of a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a journey like no other. Here are some basics that will smooth the road for you and your baby. Start Early The best time to start planning for a healthy pregnancy is when you first start thinking about becoming pregnant. The sooner you start leading a healthier lifestyle, the healthier your baby will […]

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