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Our IVF centers are dedicated to providing professional, ethical and individualized reproductive care to our patients. At our Los Angeles Fertility clinics, we provide the highest standard of medical and surgical care at our state of the art facilities with a compassionate and sensitive approach to each individual case. Our staff is committed to being available to our patients at all times and there is no such thing as asking too many questions. We believe in identifying the exact cause of your infertility by utilizing advanced fertility testing before initiating any treatment.

Once we identify the problem, we design specific treatment protocols based on individual needs because we do not believe in the “one size fits all” type of approach. At LA IVF Clinic, you will not feel like you are just another number and will be treated as a “patient” rather than a “client”. Our double board certified fertility specialist, Dr. Aykut Bayrak, will evaluate your case in detail during your telephone or in-person consultation. You will be followed by the same clinical staff and see the same doctor every time you are in our office.

We believe this approach provides better continuity of care and less interruption during your treatment, compared to seeing “the doctor of the day”. We are accustomed to handling complicated infertility cases and treating patients who had negative treatment outcomes or experiences at other centers. We would neither use a cut off value for hormone levels to exclude you from a desired treatment, nor recommend an option that you are not comfortable with. Dr. Bayrak believes in keeping a clear channel of communication with his patients by providing them with real facts. We are used to treating patients who come to our center for advanced infertility treatment from out of state and country.

We work closely with the local OB/GYN or infertility doctors and manage IVF cycles with optimal care. We do offer the latest technologies through our IVF laboratory and center including advanced genetic screening of eggs and embryos, egg freezing for fertility preservation and advanced reproductive surgery. In our IVF centers, we do offer testing for immunological disorders and treatment options when indicated.

We believe that every person has the right to procreate and we are happy to help anyone in reaching that goal. As the LA IVF staff, we welcome you to our center and hope that we achieve your goal in becoming a parent.

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