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Category: Fertility Diet

How You Can Boost Your Fertility Naturally

Often times fertility treatment and the quest to become pregnant seems out of your hands, as though you just need to let medical science and reproductive technology do their job. Seemingly, your only task in the process is to get to your appointment on time! Feeling a lack of involvement in something so deeply personal […]

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What is The Best Fertility Diet?

When you’re starting, or adding to, your family, you begin to make healthier choices regarding your lifestyle. Wine with dinner becomes water, or non-caffeinated tea. Fruits and veggies begin taking the place of doughnuts and chips. You may change up your exercise routine, and opt for wholesome date nights instead of party-filled late nights. Many […]

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Failed IVF Can Be Devastating. Here’s What To Do Next

A failed IVF can be devastating for you and your partner. You may feel lost, at loose ends, and profoundly depressed. But, you aren’t quite ready to give up your dream of growing your family. What’s next for you and your partner? Every couple, or individual, forges a different path when dealing with infertility treatments. […]

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What Supplements Can I Use For Fertility

When it comes to your fertility you need all the support you can find. For roughly 9% of men and 11% of women, starting a family isn’t an easy endeavor. Infertility can be a difficult and costly issue to treat. Many factors may contribute to your inability to conceive, and ensuring your body is in […]

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5 Things Men Can Do To Improve Sperm Motility

Being told you have low motility (sperm that struggle to make their way through the female reproductive system) may sound like it’s the end of the road when you’re actively trying to conceive; though, while low motility makes it more difficult to conceive, it does not mean it’s impossible. If you and your partner are […]

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Press Release: Dr. Bayrak Launches Fertile Vitamin

LA IVF Founder Dr. Aykut Bayrak announced the launch of Fertile Vitamin, a series of supplements designed to enhance fertility for both men and women. Fertile Vitamin is available for purchase on Amazon as well as at LA IVF locations. Read the press release here:

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Press Release: Fertile Vitamin at Hollywood Award Show

Dr. Bayrak’s Fertile Vitamin was distributed at the 52nd Annual Publicists Guild Awards at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles on Feb. 20. Fertile Vitamin enhances reproductive health in men and women. The vitamins are now available through Amazon and at LA IVF’s clinics in the U.S.  Read the press release here:

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