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Could the Covid Vaccine Interfere with Fertility Treatments

Covid-19 has ravaged this country and the world for more than a year now. Finally there seems to be a light at the end of this frustrating tunnel. Globally, and especially in the U.S., we are beginning to return to some degree of normalcy. This is due in no small part to the distribution of the Covid vaccines.

As more and more data comes out about the vaccines we are realizing not only are they safe but they offer very high degree of protection against the deadly virus. The majority of those people getting vaccinated do so without hesitation. If we are going to get back to opening up the world we need to do our part and get vaccinated.

Questions for Those Undergoing Fertility Treatments

For those who are undergoing fertility treatment there could be some concern over the impact the Covid vaccine may have on their quest to get pregnant. Will the vaccine cause even more fertility problems? Is it safe to pursue pregnancy or IVF and the vaccine at the same time?

The short answer is yes the Covid vaccine is safe. The vaccine has no negative impact on your fertility, nor does it interfere with your treatment. In fact, it’s prudent for you to take every measure to protect you, and subsequently your fetus, from Covid-19.

How Contracting the Virus Affects Your Fertility Treatments

Covid-19 and its effect on pregnant women has been well documented. Recent data indicates pregnant women who contract the virus have more severe cases and an increased risk of complications, such as the need for intubation. A Covid-19 infection while pregnant puts you at risk for preterm birth, cesarean delivery, hypertensive disorders related to pregnancy, blood clots and postpartum hemorrhage. And that’s with no other underlying conditions such as diabetes, obesity or chronic hypertension.

For those women undergoing fertility treatment contracting the virus would cause a halt in the treatment cycle. Not only would you be a potential threat to those with whom you come in contact but you would need to fully recover. By taking every measure to protect yourself, including getting vaccinated, you’ll be sure to stay on track with your fertility treatment.

Do Not Delay Your Vaccine Because of Fertility Treatments

There is no reason whatsoever for you to delay getting vaccinated. Although pregnant women were intentionally excluded from the early trials of the vaccine last year, 23 of those participating in Pfizer’s trials became pregnant during the testing period (12 had the actual vaccine, 11 the placebo.) In the Moderna trial 13 women test subjects became pregnant (6 vaccine, 7 placebo.) No one in either of the vaccine manufacturers’ trials experienced any adverse outcomes.

Do Not Delay or Defer Your Fertility Treatments Because of Vaccination

The vaccine itself does not contain any live virus so it poses no threat to your eggs, sperm, embryos or placenta. In fact every leading authority on reproductive medicine including ACOG, ASRM, and the CDC Task Force on Covid-19 strongly encourage women undergoing fertility treatment, such as IVF, and those who are pregnant to get the vaccine based on their eligibility. There is no reason to defer or delay your fertility treatment while you complete your vaccination.

If the side effects associated with the second dose of the vaccine (headache, fever, body aches, and chills) worry you discuss pain relief/fever reducer options with your doctor. Be sure your partner knows what over-the-counter meds are safe to take.

Ultimately, the vaccine decision is a personal one. However the vaccine can protect you and those you love from the very serious and sometimes deadly consequences of a Covid-19 infection. Talk with your doctor if you have any hesitation. We ask that you do everything you can to protect yourself and those around you so that you can be the best version of yourself for your future family.

Too Great a Risk Not to Protect Yourself

The risk of contracting the virus and the toll it can take on you and your future baby is too great. That’s why we strongly encourage vaccination for you, and those around you as soon as you are able. We won’t interrupt your fertility treatment as the vaccine presents no threat to you at any point of the journey.

We take every precaution to keep you and yours safe as, together, we navigate your path to parenthood. For more information on our treatment options for infertility and what we’re doing to keep you safe in the midst of the pandemic, contact LA IVF today.

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