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Category: Egg Freezing

I Want a Baby But Not Just Yet-Am I Being Selfish?

For many women, the path to motherhood is clear, and has been from a young age. There are those women who just seem to be born nurturers, casting any aspirations for self aside, and focusing on feathering a nest for her brood. These women seem eager to begin their families and never look back. Some […]

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5 Things Women Need to Know About Egg Freezing

For many women, egg freezing is a miraculous medical advancement. In the past, women who were facing uncertainties in their future fertility, due to cancer, or other medical issues, or who had yet to find a suitable partner, had no real options. Now, women who previously had little to no hope of conceiving a child, […]

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Are my frozen embryos, eggs and sperm safe?

Are my frozen embryos, eggs and sperm safe? A common question of the week: The short answer is “yes” in most fertility clinics and storage facilities despite the recent major problems in two separate facilities regarding their storage tanks. Apparently, in both occasions, the storage tanks failed somehow or liquid nitrogen used to keep them […]

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Egg Freezing and Banking

Egg freezing, sometimes called cryopreservation, is a way to extend a woman’s years of fertility. The freezing of fertile eggs can be used later on to start a pregnancy through in vitro fertilization. Freezing eggs can be particularly useful to women who want to delay childbearing or women whose eggs could possibly be damaged by […]

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Should I test my embryos for BRCA gene mutation during my IVF cycle?

A recent announcement by Angelina Jolie has brought attention to BRCA gene mutation again and the increased risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. She announced her “double mastectomy” to minimize the risk of developing breast cancer in the future. In the near future, she will also announce removal of her ovaries to minimize the […]

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Egg Freezing No Longer Experimental

American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) announced today that there is now enough medical evidence to suggest that egg freezing is no longer an experimental technique for fertility preservation. The change in the labeling of egg freezing will most likely expand this option to more women considering fertility preservation. Egg freezing has been around since […]

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Dr. Bayrak Announces Milestone Birth in Southern California from Genetically Tested Frozen Egg

I am excited to announce the birth of the first baby in Southern California early this week as a result of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) using a genetically tested and frozen egg by comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) (See the announcement at After treating the first CGH cases in Southern California with IVF for infertility, I […]

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Reproductive Age and Fertility Outcome

Women are born with a finite number of eggs (1-2 million in both ovaries at birth) and at the time of puberty the total number decreases to approximately 500,000. At age 37, there are approximately 25,000 eggs left in the ovaries and less than 500 at the time of menopause. A monthly process of using […]

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Embryo Transfer on Day 3 Versus Day 5

The concept of blastocyst transfer (BT) is not new to the field of Assisted Reproduction. There have been reports of BT pregnancies in humans as early as 1990, and even earlier in animals. However, the ability to consistently produce a high percentage of blastocysts from cultured embryos is a relatively recent development. The freshly fertilized […]

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