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Artificial Intelligence or AI is all over the news these days. While it can’t do everything human beings do (yet!) some of what AI does is very impressive. For instance, AI helps teachers in the classroom by taking on rudimentary tasks and freeing up the teacher to work with students. AI can provide a menu plan based on the basic ingredients from your pantry.

Of course, AI does have some shortcomings and pitfalls. It surely will never take over the creative fields, and while it can process data it cannot take on critical thinking like the human brain can. But it can help with IVF and improve outcomes! Here’s how.

AI and IVF

In the world of assisted reproductive technology, AI is proving quite beneficial. In fact, in a recent publication found in the NIH’s National Library of Medicine researchers found AI extremely helpful in many of the facets of IVF. These researchers dubbed AI “The next frontier in the journey toward personalized reproductive medicine and improved fertility outcomes for patients”.

But how exactly does AI fit in with IVF and how are doctors utilizing this technological marvel? Here are some of the ways IVF and AI come together for your treatment success.

AI Analyzes Sperm for Male Factor Infertility Diagnosis

When you and your partner experience difficulty conceiving your doctor orders some tests. One of those tests checks for sperm count and health. AI assists in analyzing semen samples in order to confirm the sperm count, motility (movement) and morphology (shape). Using AI helps you doctor both confirm sperm health and identify the best of those swimmers for fertilization.

Predict the Success of Your Treatment Based on Analytics

Predictive analytics through AI uses information from a broad sampling of data with the objective of predicting outcomes. How does this work with IVF? AI uses data from patient histories, treatment information and outcomes to identify patterns and other factors that predict successful outcomes. Using AI allows your fertility specialist to tailor your treatment according to your specific needs. The information gained from AI analytics predicts your success based on treatment that’s optimized for your diagnosis, assesses risks involved and gives a pretty accurate idea of your odds for success. AI’s predictive data also gives you much more information and insight on which to base your decisions.

Monitors Developing Embryos in The Lab Setting

Once fertilized, your embryos grow in an incubator equipped with time lapse imaging. AI analyzes the time-lapse images in real time and constantly. The AI analysis provides the embryologist with information they use in determining the quality of the embryos, whether intervention is necessary, success of development, abnormalities in the embryo and gives the embryologist and your doctor a better idea of viability for embryo transfer or preimplantation genetic testing (PGT).

Selection of Embryo for Transfer

Embryo selection is a critical step in the IVF cycle. Choosing the healthiest, most viable embryo for transfer into your uterus is essential for success. Prior to the use of AI in IVF that decision was left solely to the embryologist based on their visual assessment. AI helps your embryologist by analyzing all the information gathered from the time-lapse images, pattern of embryo development and the overall success of your IVF based on the quality of the embryo.

Assists All Involved

AI helps streamline the process of IVF in much the same way it frees up the classroom teacher, so they are available for their students in a more personalized manner. AI helps by taking over the minutiae of everyday operations and administrative tasks. Things like scheduling your appointments, knowing which professionals and equipment are necessary and when to follow up. AI helps with the workflow of the administrative people, the lab personnel, and your doctor, directing more attention to those patients that need it.

AI is Advancing Assisted Reproductive Technology

While the field of infertility is a long way from relying too heavily on AI, there are many benefits right now. AI reduces the time it takes to conceive via IVF, improves your odds for success, reduces the need for additional IVF cycles and reduces the cost of IVF cycles. All of this is a win-win for patients and for the future of assisted reproductive technology.

Our Dedication to You Comes First

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