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What Affects the Odds of A Successful IVF

Successful IVF isn’t always a smooth endeavor. There are several factors which will impact the outcome of your procedure, some are within your control, like your habits and lifestyle, while others, such as age, and the type of fertility issues you’re dealing with, are not something you have control over. It can be frustrating, but knowing what affects your IVF outcome, in advance, can help you change your odds by alerting you to those factors which are in your control.

Overcoming the Odds

Since the first in-vitro baby was born, 40 years ago, a lot has changed in the IVF process. These changes have improved the odds of success, and helped more and more couples realize their dream of a family. Dr Aykut Bayrak has devoted his career to dealing with individuals and couples who are struggling with fertility. He has had much success in several fertility procedures, and is now in private practice in Los Angeles, California, at LA IVF.

LA IVF offers couples and individuals, seeking answers to their fertility struggle, the advantage of cutting edge technology, tempered with compassion, dignity, and understanding. Dr. Bayrak, and his team of fertility experts, understand that no two fertility issues are exactly alike. That’ s why, at LA IVF, we believe in providing individualized reproductive care, and in treating you based on your individual needs.

Those Factors Impacting IVF

When you embark on an IVF journey you want to do everything you can to guarantee your success. The following factors can affect your fertility, which, in turn weighs on the outcome of your IVF. Here are 5 major influences on fertility and IVF treatment.

  • Previous Pregnancies: If you, and your current partner, have had prior pregnancies that were successful, this improves your odds for IVF success. However, if your prior pregnancies were with a different partner, or ended in miscarriages, your outcome with IVF may be more difficult.
  • Your Age: The age of the mother greatly affects your IVF. Younger women have much more viable eggs and many more of them, than older women. Between the ages of 24 and 34 women are at their most fertile. Women under the age of 35 have a 50% chance of successful IVF, while women approaching their mid-40’s can see success rate drop to single digits. The father’s age also plays a role in IVF success. The quality of a man’s sperm decreases with age, especially after 45, having a direct bearing on motility and sperm count, which makes it more difficult for fertilization to occur.
  • Lifestyle Habits: Perhaps the easiest influencing factor to get a handle on, certain lifestyle habits play a significant role in the outcome of your IVF. If you smoke, you need to stop altogether, even as much as 3 months prior to beginning your treatment. Smoking can affect implantation, fertilization, and even impact your ovary function. Having an unhealthy BMI is also detrimental to the success of your treatment. Women who are overweight experience more infertility, and miscarriages, than those who are of a healthy weight. The same is true for underweight women. For a successful IVF, plan for a healthy BMI.
  • The Cause of Your Infertility: For those women with a low ovulation rate, the chances of success with IVF correspond. The more ovulation stimulation drugs you require, the less your chances of a good IVF outcome. Also, if your fertility issues stem from DES exposure, or uterine abnormalities, such as fibroid tumors, your chances are less for success. If both you and your partner are dealing with issues of fertility, you may have a difficult time with IVF success.
  • Using Donor Eggs: Using donor eggs can greatly increase the odds of your IVF success, especially if you’re over the age of 40. Some studies show as much as a 70% success rate with the use of donor eggs from a younger woman. Your egg quality decreases as you age, so if you’re over the age of 40, donor eggs should be a consideration.

As you consider IVF, also consider these factors which can impact your outcome. For favors with your control, such as lifestyle, take steps to improve your odds. Discuss any of your concerns with Dr. Bayrak, and together you will find the ideal solution for your fertility issues.

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