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Little Swimmers Struggling? Here Are a Few Things You Can Try

by - 01.16.2019 | Male Infertility


One in six couples deals with infertility when trying to start a family. Women are usually quick to assume the responsibility of checking in with a fertility specialist, scheduling the proper tests, and finding ways to improve their own fertility. However, in half of the cases of compromised fertility men are the primary contributors to the couple’s inability to conceive naturally.

While women are born with a lifetime supply of eggs, men renew their genetic contribution, sperm, every few months. Changes you make today can improve your next batch of little swimmers, thus improving your odds of conception. Not only can these very do-able changes up your sperm count, they will improve your overall semen quality. This means your swimmers will be faster, stronger, and dedicated to achieving your goal of pregnancy.

Ways to Improve Male Fertility

Your health directly affects your ability to produce quality sperm. Basically, any improvements you make are going to help you and your partner in your quest to have a baby. Additionally, those improvements to your health will ensure your child has a healthy and involved father, giving him or her the very best gift you can give. With that in mind, here are some proven ways to help your little swimmers swim strong.

Kick Bad Habits to The Curb

Unhealthy habits, especially in excess, have a direct impact on your sperm count. Cigarettes, alcohol, and recreational cannabis use lower your sperm count. Stop these unhealthy habits now. If you need help, reach out. The good news is, because sperm renews every few months, stopping these habits immediately will greatly improve your chances of pregnancy in the very near future.

Avoid Overheating

Your testicles need to be cooler than the rest of your body, in order to make sperm. Long exposure to heat, such as saunas, hot tubs, and even sitting for extended periods, can cause your sperm count to be low. Ditch those “tighty whities” too. When your testicles are too close to your body, they tend to warm up.

Check Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

If you need to lose weight get started. Having a normal BMI is instrumental in maintaining sperm’s health. Being overweight can cause your testicles to heat up, interfering with sperm production. Also, losing weight and exercising helps your circulation. Just as your cardiovascular system depends on diet and exercise to work at its best, your sperm count and quality are dependent on these good-health habits. So lose weight, if need be, and get out and exercise regularly. Just don’t cycle in tight bicycle shorts for long periods (see above!).

De-stress the swimmers

It’s safe to say stress impacts many areas of your life. While sperm count and motility have yet to be directly linked to stress, they do take a toll on your libido. When you’re stressed-out it can be difficult to get “in the mood” for romance. Preoccupation with the stressors in your life can also impair your ability to maintain an erection, essential to intercourse. Finally, being under a good deal of stress can cause you to choose ways to de-stress which can affect your sperm. Drinking to excess, recreational drugging, cannabis, and other activities which are not sperm-friendly can lead to a lower count.

Instead of blowing off stress through not-so-great pursuits, try meditating, journaling your thoughts, or exercise. These soothing habits help you deal with stress, improving your health and your attitude.

Move Your Technology

Laptops and smartphones produce heat and radiation. Although safe in most circumstances, if you’re having difficulty conceiving a baby you may way to move your technology away from your lower region. If you browse the internet with your Mac on your lap, or routinely keep your phone in your pocket, stop now. Invest in a lap desk, and find another place to keep your phone.

Supplements Can Help

A good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, made specifically for men’s fertility, is a wise choice. Boosting your B, D, C, and E, Omega 3, and your zinc, along with upping your antioxidants improves your overall health, your circulation, semen quality, and sperm motility. By maintaining a healthy diet you’re on your way, but taking a supplement regularly ensures you’re getting the right amount for healthy sperm.

Have Your Sperm Tested

For couples who have been attempting pregnancy for 6 months or so, it can be frustrating when month after month nothing happens. It’s much easier for the man to be tested for sperm count and quality than the more invasive tests women may have to undergo. If you’re having trouble starting your family have your sperm tested. The “fix” may be a simple one.

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