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Getting A Second Opinion for Infertility and IVF

When you receive a diagnosis of infertility the news can be devastating. For so long you imagined having children would be a simple endeavor and with the news that you or your partner have compromised fertility all of that becomes significantly more complicated. You need some time to digest your diagnosis and investigate your options.

When you’re ready, discuss your options with your physician and seek out the help of a fertility specialist. If all goes well you will find successful infertility treatment to overcome your issue and realize a healthy, happy pregnancy with a beautiful, bouncing outcome.

Sometimes, for any number of reasons, you may decide the current clinic isn’t working out for you. You may feel they lack certain technology, or you’ve been feeling discouraged by the lack of support. That’s when you know it’s time to seek a second opinion for infertility and IVF.

Why Seek a Second Opinion?

No two fertility cases are alike, and no two clinics approach cases the same way. For many couples the relationship you have with your fertility specialist is a very close one. Emotions come into play from the very start, and you need to feel valued and assured in your quest. You need to know your clinic offers every option available in reproductive technology.


Common Reasons for Getting a Second Opinion

There are several reasons why you may want to investigate your fertility treatment options elsewhere. Given your diagnosis a second opinion is very often warranted and many physicians will encourage you to examine alternatives. Here are some of the reasons you may want to get a second opinion for infertility and IVF.

You’ve Been Diagnosed By Your OB-GYN or Primary Care Physician

When a couple, or individual, is initially diagnosed with infertility, the diagnosis usually comes from a primary doctor, or your regular gynecologist. When the preliminary tests come back indicating compromised fertility, the course of treatment runs from recommending lifestyle changes to prescribing medication to boost your fertility (such as Clomid).

If the recommended course of action still doesn’t prove successful, it’s time to consult a clinic specializing in IVF. The physicians and staff at an IVF clinic focus on improving your fertility, and only that. These caring professionals are up-to-date on all the latest advances in reproductive technology. Moreover, the doctors and staff understand the emotional rollercoaster of infertility that a general practitioner, or OB-GYN may not.

You’ve Undergone Unsuccessful Treatment With Your Current Clinic

Even if you’re partnered with a fertility specialist, you’re not guaranteed instant success. In fact, with IVF, more than a few cycles are usually necessary to become pregnant. If, after you’ve followed the course of treatment prescribed by your fertility specialist, you haven’t had any success, it may be time to look into a second opinion.

While the basic approach to treatment, such as IVF, is very similar, certain protocols may vary from clinic to clinic. In-clinic labs may do things in a different way, and there may be a difference in the timing, medication, dosage, or any number of things that could make the difference for you.

You Have, or Suspect You Have, A Complicated Diagnosis

Every diagnosis of infertility is unique and needs to be treated as such. Sometimes the diagnostic process uncovers no verifiable cause for your inability to conceive. This is referred to as unexplained infertility. While many women do experience “unexplained infertility”, there’s a good chance that your case can be unexplained. Often, a new doctor will see and recognize something your previous physician did not. This is especially the case if you haven’t been working with a clinic specializing in infertility and treatment. LA IVF, for example, specializes in identifying the underlying cause of unexplained infertility cases referred for second or third opinions.

You Want Different Options Your Current Clinic Doesn’t Offer

Advanced reproductive technology is evolving at a fast rate. Some of the newer methods and protocols may not be an option at the clinic with which you currently have a relationship. In that case, you will need to explore your options with a clinic that offers the latest in reproductive technology, and is up-to-the-minute in their knowledge of cutting-edge treatment.

Your Rapport Has Grown Stale, Or is Non-Existent with Your Current Team

Your relationship with your infertility and IVF team is crucial to the success of your treatment. If you feel uncomfortable, unimportant, or rushed at your appointment, you may not be comfortable expressing concerns which will bear weight in your treatment. Should you feel as though anyone on your team is treating you with anything less than a professional and invested attitude, it’s time to move on.

There isn’t always a reason why you aren’t able to “mesh” with your fertility team. Your unease may be just a gut-instinct or feeling. Always pay attention to your instincts and schedule an appointment meant with another clinic to find the right fit. You will be intimately involved with the team at your fertility clinic and finding the right fit is important to your success.

Your Physician Recommends a Second Opinion

In some cases your physician will recommend you see another doctor. This may be because the doctor you’re seeing now isn’t sufficiently schooled in treating infertility, as in the case of a GP, or OB-GYN. Your doctor may know of a colleague more familiar with your diagnosis, or a clinic which offers an advanced form of reproductive technology.

In any case, if your current doctor recommends you seek a second opinion, you should go for it. This is a sign your physician is putting your care above all else, and wants the very best for you regarding your treatment.

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