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Conceiving Using Egg Freezing and A Surrogate

by - 10.23.2018 | Egg Freezing, Surrogacy

Some of the greatest advances in medicine have come in the area of infertility. Couples and individuals who, just a few decades ago, had no hope of having their own biological child now have some options to allow them to fulfill that dream. Medicine has opened the door for those who wish to start families, but aren’t able to do so on their own.

Through methods such as laparoscopic and laser procedures many women have had their fertility restored. IVF has proven very successful for countless families. Conceiving using such methods as egg freezing, and a surrogate to carry the baby, are becoming more mainstream.

Your Fertility Authority

LA IVF offers options for couples and individuals who are unable to conceive on their own. Dr. Aykut Bayrak will explore all of your options with you, guiding you with the care and compassion he believes in. Dr. Bayrak is an expert in the field of reproduction in the U.S. and reported the first baby born via a genetically tested frozen egg in Southern California. When it comes to your fertility LA IVF is here to help.

Egg Freezing

Since the first at-term frozen embryo baby was delivered in the 1980s embryo cryopreservation has continued to help couples, and individuals, achieve parenthood. This method is an excellent choice and a viable solution for the woman who, for many reasons, chooses to have her eggs harvested, but doesn’t wish to fertilize using donor sperm, and hasn’t met a suitable partner on her own.

Enter egg freezing. Until recently, egg freezing was challenging. This was due to the large amount of water present in the egg, making egg freezing less successful. As the water within the cell would form ice crystals during freezing, the delicate cell structure would be damaged, making the frozen egg unusable when thawed. For women who couldn’t produce their own eggs, donor eggs were the only option.

Thanks to research and advances in medicine, egg freezing is now extremely successful. Through a process called vitrification (ultra-rapid freezing), the water within the egg’s structure is safely removed, keeping the egg’s cell structure intact and viable for fertilization. When it’s time to use those frozen eggs, eggs are thawed and used for IVF. The egg is fertilized, embryos are created and they are then implanted in your uterus, or that of a surrogate.

The Procedure for Harvesting Eggs to Freeze

The process for harvesting your eggs is similar to that of prepping for IVF. You’ll be given fertility medications, which will stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple eggs for that cycle. You’ll be put under a light anesthesia while Dr. Bayrak uses ultrasound to guide him in collecting your eggs. At that point your eggs will be frozen, where they can remain for many years.

Why Freeze Your Eggs?

There are many reasons a woman might want to pursue egg freezing. Younger eggs are usually much more viable than eggs produced in the late 30’s, or after, when peri-menopause begins, however, women of all reproductive age are candidates for egg freezing. Your ovaries begin to slow down production as their bio-clock is ticking. However, your uterus doesn’t depend on a clock, per se, and can carry your fertilized, healthy, previously frozen egg with little to no complications, to term. Even as you sail into your mid 40’s and beyond.

Using a Surrogate

Should you, for whatever reason, not be able to carry a baby in your uterus, you can use a gestational surrogate. Using IVF, an embryo, which belongs, biologically, to you and your partner, is placed into the uterus of the gestational surrogate. The embryo will be carried by the gestational surrogate until birth. The success rates for a healthy live birth, using a gestational surrogate are extremely high, using either frozen egg IVF, or fresh egg IVF.

LA IVF Specializes in Solutions

If you’re interested in egg freezing procedures, surrogate pregnancy, or any other solution too your infertility, you want care, compassion, and options. At LA IVF we offer you hope and back it up with results. We’re in the greater LA area, and have 3 conveniently located clinics to serve you. For more information on how we can help, contact LA IVF for a consultation.

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