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Category: Fertility Preservation

6 Things You Can Do To Minimize Fallopian Damage

Blocked fallopian tubes are one of the more common causes of infertility in women. The fallopian tube provides the path for ovulation, as well as the site for natural fertilization to occur.  Your fallopian tubes carry the fertilized egg on to the uterus for implantation and pregnancy. Should the path become blocked due to damage, […]

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The Pros and Cons of Exercising to Improve Fertility

Becoming the healthiest version of yourself is one of the finest gifts you can give your future child, and one that will likely improve your fertility. Diet and exercise impact every aspect of your overall health, and play a key role in your reproductive health as well. When you’re dealing with fertility issues, exercise can […]

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Calculating Your Menstrual Cycle to Find Your Most Fertile Days

Basic knowledge tells you that your best chance of getting pregnant naturally occurs during ovulation. Many women can estimate their most fertile period by charting their menstrual cycle and having intercourse during those mid-point days between the onset of your periods. But it isn’t always as easy as planning for romance on the 14th day […]

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FDA Dietary Recommendations for Women Who Want to Conceive

When you’re trying to conceive a baby it seems as though there are oh-so-many “do’s and don’ts” it can be hard to keep track. Starting a family, or adding to your family, is overwhelming enough, but when you add in all the advice from well-meaning friends, the media, and even the medical profession, it’s easy […]

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How Nutrition and Weight Can Impact Your Fertility

We’re learning more and more everyday about the role nutrition plays in lifelong good health. In fact, a healthy diet, along with exercise, and living in a way that takes care of our bodies instead of stressing them, is the very foundation of physical, and emotional, well-being. Nutrition is at the root of all of […]

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Are These Common Fertility Myths Holding You Back?

Medicine, in general, is filled with myths and legends. Common old wives tales like “starve a cold, feed a fever” are still quoted today, and grandmas everywhere warn against swimming after eating. Although neither admonition is true, it seems the myths perpetuate, to some degree. The same is true of fertility myths. There are still […]

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5 Things Men Can Do To Improve Sperm Motility

Being told you have low motility (sperm that struggle to make their way through the female reproductive system) may sound like it’s the end of the road when you’re actively trying to conceive; though, while low motility makes it more difficult to conceive, it does not mean it’s impossible. If you and your partner are […]

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Are my frozen embryos, eggs and sperm safe?

Are my frozen embryos, eggs and sperm safe? A common question of the week: The short answer is “yes” in most fertility clinics and storage facilities despite the recent major problems in two separate facilities regarding their storage tanks. Apparently, in both occasions, the storage tanks failed somehow or liquid nitrogen used to keep them […]

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Fertility Preservation for Couples – Embryo Banking

Fertility preservation adds a new degree of flexibility to family planning, better enabling couples to have children when they want to.  With advances in fertility preservation, couples can postpone childbearing for any reason and still maintain their fertility for future years. In large part, it can halt the ticking of the biological clock. A woman’s […]

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