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Are These Common Fertility Myths Holding You Back?

Medicine, in general, is filled with myths and legends. Common old wives tales like “starve a cold, feed a fever” are still quoted today, and grandmas everywhere warn against swimming after eating. Although neither admonition is true, it seems the myths perpetuate, to some degree.

The same is true of fertility myths. There are still so many misunderstandings and untrue statements surrounding the issue of infertility that have been tossed around for generations. And with the introduction of the internet these misunderstandings regarding fertility are gaining new ground. Before you let misperceptions and tall tales derail your quest for a family, find a way to separate fact from fiction.

Trust a Professional

The ultimate source for finding out what’s true, regarding your own fertility, is LA IVF. With three clinics to serve you in the greater Los Angeles, California area, you have your fertility expert close by. Dr Aykut Bayrak is known for his innovative and successful treatments for overcoming infertility. You’ll find Dr. Bayrak, and the support staff at LA IVF, to be caring and compassionate, perfectly complementing their knowledge and experience in the field of fertility.

7 Common Fertility Myths Debunked

  1. “Fertility is a Woman’s Issue” Although the majority of people understand it takes a man and a woman to create a baby, there is still a common misbelief that fertility is a woman’s issue only. In fact, men and women shoulder the causes for infertility equally. 35 percent of infertility issues are attributed to women, and 35 percent to men. 20 percent is due to both partners having a problem, and 10 percent remain unknown. If you, and your partner, are having a difficult time conceiving a child you both need to be examined.
  2. “Try for a Year Before You See a Specialist” No matter when you’re planning to add to, or start, your family, it’s never too early to discuss any concerns you may have with your gynecologist. This is especially true if you’re over 35, have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), endometriosis, or a surgical procedure you suspect may have affected your fertility. If, for any reason, your partner suspects an issue, it’s a good idea to consult with LA IVF and find out your options.
  3. “Most Women Over 35 Are Infertile” While age does lower your chances of getting pregnant, fertility isn’t drastically impacted until closer to 38-40. At that point many women enter a period of decreased fertility. During this time your hormone production begins to slow down drastically, meaning less healthy eggs are released each month. If you are over 35, or if your partner is older, you may want to consider consulting with Dr. Bayrak to assess your chances of getting pregnant naturally.
  4. “Pregnancy is Easy if You Try Hard Enough” Yes, many women do conceive without any issues, however, 1 in 6 couples has difficulty with their fertility. There are many different health conditions and factors which could affect your fertility. No matter how often you “try” you and your partner may need medical intervention.
  5. “Infertility is a Psychological Issue” It’s truly amazing how many individuals and couples buy into the myth that infertility is “all in your head”. Your friends and family, with the best of intentions, will tell you to “just relax” and pregnancy will happen. The truth is infertility is a medical condition that affects your reproductive system. As with many medical conditions, it won’t resolve on its own. While relaxing and avoiding stress is solid advice, it won’t necessarily help you conceive if your fertility is compromised.
  6. “Once You Adopt You’ll Become Pregnant” No matter how well-meaning the person is who hits you with this myth, it’s somewhat insulting on two levels. First of all, it indicates adoption is simply a means to conceiving a biological child. Not a very fair or loving reason to seek out adoption. Second, this myth, though commonly held, is unfounded. Only about 5 percent of couples who adopt subsequently become pregnant. This is the same rate of success as for couples who don’t adopt and forego fertility treatment.
  7. “Infertility Breaks Up a Marriage” Infertility is an emotionally charged medical condition. Although no blame should ever be assigned to either partner, infertility can bring up underlying issues within the relationship. Additionally, treatment can be stressful for both partners, adding to any stress already present. But, by being present for one another, sharing your feelings, fears, apprehensions, and disappointments, you may find your relationship grows. Many couples say their journey through infertility has brought them closer in a more meaningful, deeper, and stronger way than ever before. If you are concerned about the impact fertility treatment may have on your relationship, discuss this with Dr, Bayrak.

Stop Believing Those Myths

It’s time to stop believing these common myths regarding your fertility. If you, or your partner, suspect a fertility issue is preventing pregnancy, trust the ultimate source, Dr. Aykut Bayrak and LA IVF. Schedule your appointment today and get ready to bust those myths.

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