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8 Tips For Caring For Yourself Right After Embryo Transfer

Transfer day is an exciting time in the IVF process. It’s the day of the big game, and everything you’ve done leading up to this day has been focused on preparing for the embryo transfer. You’ve taken your meds, followed your doctor’s instructions to the letter, and maintained an ultra-healthy lifestyle. You’re ready and your embryo is ready.


Remember, right now and for the next few weeks, you and your health are priority one. While it isn’t necessary to treat yourself like glass (The embryo won’t fall out!) you should relax and take it a little bit easy. Ensure you’re caring for yourself right after the embryo transfer by following these tips.


8 Tips For Caring for Yourself After Your Embryo Transfer


Your fertility team will go over specific post-transfer instructions with you on the day of your embryo transfer. Plan to pamper yourself for the next few days. No vigorous exercise, no lifting or twisting or turning, gentle movements are best right now. Here are some additional ways you can care for yourself after your embryo transfer:


  • Pamper Yourself: The embryo will implant in these next few days, so it’s important that you relax and think positive, nurturing thoughts. If possible try to take a few days off work. Unplug from the worries of the world. You can return to daily news, social media and all the other demands of life in due time. Post-transfer time calls for a stroll in the park or along the beach, hand-in-hand with your partner. Enjoy your favorite healthy meal, binge watch your favorite funny TV show or that latest rom-com you’ve meant to see. Bed rest is not necessary, but you can put your feet up and ask your partner to do any chores you want done. We won’t tell!


  • Continue Taking Your Meds: If your doctor has instructed you to continue certain medications then absolutely do as instructed. Progesterone especially is critical to sustaining a pregnancy, and you will likely be asked to continue.


  • Embrace Healthy Eating: You’ve been eating a healthy diet in preparation for IVF and you should continue to do so. After all, if all goes according to plan you will have a baby to care for in one months and you want to be in excellent health. Take your vitamins as long as your doctor approves, or your doctor may want you to begin your prenatal vitamins now.


  • Folic Acid is Necessary: Speaking of vitamins, it’s a good idea to begin taking a folic acid supplement now if you haven’t already. Folic acid supplementation has been shown to lower the risk of neuro-tube defects, heart defects, and cleft palate. Speak with your doctor and get their advice on how much folic acid you need.


  • Limit Exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Of course you’re being careful about your exposure to, well, everything and anything that could pose a threat to your pregnancy or unborn baby. Endocrine disrupting chemicals are found in many everyday items. Try to limit your exposure to these items (it’s nearly impossible to avoid them 100%) especially at this time.


  • Don’t Ignore Troubling Symptoms: Now is the time to pay close attention to your body and if anything feels “off” contact your doctor’s office immediately. It’s likely nothing, however it’s never good to stress and worry.


  • No Sex: Sexual activity is discouraged for the next little while. Your doctor will instruct you as to the amount of time you’ll be on the inactive list. You want to keep your pelvic region restful right now.


  • Avoid the Temptation to Take A Pregnancy Test: You may be tempted to jump the gun and take a pregnancy test. Please don’t. Your body will take a few weeks to build up enough of the pregnancy hormone, HCG, necessary to confirm that you’re pregnant. When the “what ifs” become too hard to ignore binge watch something fun or get out that 1500 piece puzzle you bought for the pandemic.



The Waiting Really Is The Hardest Part


The next few weeks will be very long indeed but, just as you finally reached your goal of transfer day, you will get there. Awaiting your results of your post-transfer pregnancy test.

Caring for yourself after your embryo transfer provides you with a wonderful opportunity to incorporate healthy habits into your life. And making your health your number one priority, if it hasn’t been, is long overdue.

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