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5 Ways to Manage Your Mind During IVF

Your fertility journey is just that-an expedition into the unknown that results in something you’ve always dreamed of-growing your family. When you pursue IVF you and your partner may find yourselves fraught with emotions. The roller coaster of emotions is only enhanced by your fertility medications. One minute your outlook is positive and focused on the future success of your treatment; the next you’re feeling anxious and your doubts overtake your mental well-being.

The scenarios that go through your mind during IVF aren’t the only stress you experience. After all life didn’t stop for your fertility treatment, unfortunately. You still have all of your additional responsibilities. Your work is as important as ever and your home life needs your attention too. Sometimes it’s a bit too overwhelming, and you end up needing to quiet your mind.

5 Best Tips to Manage Your Mind During IVF

At LA IVF we understand that aspect of your IVF journey and we offer some tips to manage your mind during IVF.

1. Be Kind to Yourself

Self-care is a very popular topic right now. It’s a necessary endeavor and means anything from a lunch hour mani-pedi to binge watching your favorite show to a going out for a healthy meal. There’s nothing trendy about self-care, it’s an absolute necessity especially when you’re going through IVF. Make the time!

Some of the best and proven ways to quiet your mind and free yourself from negative thoughts that seem to play on a loop? Gentle yoga, guided meditation (there are several on YouTube.), mindfulness practices such as conscious breathing, observing your surroundings, especially in nature, and journaling your thoughts. Just take time to live in your emotions, accept what you’re feeling and let it go. You can’t simply banish the thoughts from your head. By acknowledging them and then letting them go quiet your mind is clearer and your inner conflicts quiet down, even if only for a little while.

2. You’re Not Alone

According to Resolve, the National Infertility Association, 1 in 8 couples experience infertility in the US. You most definitely are not alone. Many times sharing what you’re going through and listening as others share their experience helps ease your mind.

Talk to your care provider about resources for those going through IVF. There are peer groups who meet up in person and those who gather online. Check out some of the blogs by those who’ve made it to the other side. Their stories are reassuring and you’ll know what to expect.

3. Therapy is Very Helpful

Before all those feels overwhelm you reach out to a professional therapist. The stress you feel during IVF may exacerbate pre-existing emotions such as depression, sadness, hopelessness and frustration. After trying to conceive, receiving a diagnosis of infertility and opting to pursue treatment and IVF you’re bound to have some if those emotions inside. Speaking with a mental health professional experienced in infertility is extremely helpful along the journey. Your fertility team has more information.

4. Avoid Isolating Yourself

We get it. You’re feeling extremely sensitive right now and pretty vulnerable too. Seek out those friends and family members who ease your stress. Spend a girls’ day with your bestie. Let your mom fuss over you. Get together with another couple for a date night. Whatever loosens you up and maybe lets you share a laugh with someone is a good thing.

Remember, you need supportive friends and family members by your side. Don’t allow negative and toxic people in right now. Be around those who want the best for you.

5. Find Your Healthy Outlet

During your IVF journey you’ll find yourself waiting a lot-waiting for results, waiting for your appointment, waiting to see your doctor. All of the waiting makes fertile ground for those “what if” thoughts. You can’t control the waiting. It’s part of the process.

What you can do is take up a new-or old-hobby. When you’re anxiously awaiting news, channel that nervous energy into something that refocuses on mind-healthy hobbies like painting, cooking, photography, playing music, gardening or whatever triggers an interest. Just be sure if you undertake any physical hobbies you clear them with your physician.

Your Partner and Your Team

Remember, your mental health affects your physical health and stress has an impact on fertility. Take a step toward your successful outcome by managing your mind during IVF. For more on mind-healthy ways for managing IVF talk to our team. LA IVF partners with you on your fertility journey and we’re here for the duration. Contact LA IVF today.

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