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4 Topics to Discuss As a Couple Before Moving Forward with IVF

When you undergo treatment for infertility in order to conceive there are so many decisions and factors along the way. And it can be taxing even if the journey is a relatively smooth one. Going through the experience with a partner may take a toll on your relationship. That’s why it’s best you discuss things as a couple before moving forward you.

4 Main Topics for Discussion as A Couple

Each journey through IVF is unique, but there are aspects that are present in nearly all cases. When your doctor presents you and your partner with decisions it’s best if you are on the same page. We offer these most common topics for discussion to prepare you and your partner for the journey ahead.


1. Is IVF Right for Us?

IVF is one of the most successful treatments for infertility. Still, it may not be right for everyone. Committed couples, same-sex unions and even single people must consider all that goes along with IVF.

Those couples, especially, must determine if IVF aligns with their goals and priorities before they begin the process. Sharing your concerns with one another openly and honestly prior to beginning treatment ensures you’re on the same page. Here are some of the most pressing concerns to address before you decide.


  • Are there other less invasive and less costly treatments that may work for us?
  • Will either need procedures in order to boost the success of IVF treatment?
  • What options are available should IVF fail?
  • What is a realistic timeline for IVF?


Each case differs, and treatment and its success depend on your diagnosis. You may need procedures prior to beginning IVF if your diagnosis indicates. Your doctor may remove fibroids, scar tissue from endometriosis or an untreated infection. If IVF fails, your doctor will suggest another cycle or look for a reason for failed IVF. And the timeline for IVF depends, once again, on your infertility diagnosis.


2. How Much Are We Willing to Invest in Time, Money, and Emotional Energy?

Even with the success rate of the IVF process your path to parenthood may present challenges. Time may be a concern, especially for those of advanced maternal age. For a female with a very limited ovarian reserve, the emotional challenges may prove too much should your first cycle fail. Knowing your partner is on the same page as you should your first cycle fail, and you want to try again is very important. And understanding the financial impact of IVF and agreeing on a budget is necessary before you begin treatment.


3. How Can We Protect Our Relationship?

Any journey to overcome infertility takes a toll on a relationship. Putting your relationship as a couple front and center means you both feel supported and cared for the entire time. There may be days you trade off being the “strong one” and there may be times you both feel the need for an escape. Go away for a weekend or simply go out for a walk. Plan a date night or a double date night with close friends. Treat yourselves!

Procedure-wise learn as much as possible. Your clinic staff has plenty of resources that help. Attend appointments together as much as possible. Prepare and administer your medications together. Attend the egg retrieval and embryo transfer together and support the partner who carries the pregnancy. Check-in every day with one another. Listen and let each other vent, cry, or simply hash out how you feel. Intimacy may be on hold momentarily, but hugs and encouraging words go a long way.


4. Who Should We Confide In?

IVF is intense and sometimes you need a break from venting and sharing with each other. Discuss who you think offers the most support among friends and family members. It could be a brother or sister or parent, a lifelong pal, a trusted aunt or the next door neighbor. Whoever it is you choose, make sure you are with on the same page when it comes to the people in your circle. Ask yourself if they might help lighten your load. Do you feel better around them? Do they share the same values?

IVF is a deeply personal journey and it’s imperative that the people in your circle of support are there for you both. In addition to your friends and family, you may find support from online communities or in-person support groups. For resources speak with your doctor.


To Help You on Your Journey

The road to growing your family may be a complicated one, fraught with many decisions and things you must discuss. Of course, you won’t have all the answers in your back pocket, and we don’t expect that. For more on how you and your partner can prepare for IVF please contact LA IVF. Our professional and experienced staff help guide you toward the right solutions and treatment that are best for you.

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