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4 Tips for Choosing the Right IVF Clinic

Choosing the right IVF clinic involves doing some homework. It certainly isn’t a choice you make without some research. Dealing with infertility is a multifaceted undertaking. There are so many factors you and your partner must consider. And while your physical health is a major part of your journey through infertility, you should consider your emotional well-being too.

Your journey through fertility treatment is somewhat like a roller coaster ride with countless ups and downs. And, it’s not only you, or you and a partner on this topsy-turvy ride. Your path to parenthood includes the support of your IVF clinic. That’s not something you enter into lightly.

Your fertility clinic has a goal, as do you, of helping you conceive. Your relationship with your doctor and the support staff at the fertility clinic plays a huge part in your endeavor. They are the professionals and you are sure to encounter many times throughout your path to pregnancy when you need their wisdom and moral support. With that, in mind let’s take a look at our top 5 tips for choosing the right IVF clinic.


Choosing the Right IVF Clinic for You

Before you select the IVF clinic that’s right for you to perform your due diligence. In other words do your homework and find out the facts about the clinics you consider. Check out the ratings and patient feedback online. But remember those are typically opinions based on many different experiences. There may have been a longer wait than normal to see the doctor or some other circumstance that has no bearing on whether or not the clinic is right for you. Here are some other tips.


  1. Check the Success Rates

Success rates will vary from clinic to clinic however the national average for females under the age of 35 is 44.5%. Rates decline with the age of the female: over 35 the national average for live births per embryo transfer is 32.4, age 38 and over is 20.2%, 41 and over is 9.6% and over 42 the rate declines to 2.9%. At LA IVF, our statistics for success rates are higher than the national average: 35 and under 55%, 35-37 is 46%, 38-40 40%, 40-42 success rate is 31% and over 42 we find a success rate of 16%.

Now, it is very important to note success rates rely on many different factors such as diagnosis, other underlying conditions, and overall health as well as lifestyle.


  1. Is the Location Convenient?

Consider the location when choosing the right IVF clinic. After all you will have several appointments over the course of your treatment and you want someplace that’s easy to access. Will you go from home to the clinic? Choose the right IVF clinic that’s close to home and offers great success rates. If you go from your workplace select a clinic convenient to that location. Are satellite clinic offices an option? Perhaps look for a clinic with additional offices for your convenience.

Treating your infertility is overwhelming and stressful all on its own. Don’t opt for a remote clinic that’s difficult to access and adds to your stress. At LA IVF, we offer two locations convenient to LA and surrounding areas.


  1. How Do You Feel About the Physician and Staff?

Most of us recognize whether the environment is a positive one almost immediately. When you schedule your initial consultation and meet with your doctor and the clinic staff. You’ll be spending a significant amount of time with these folks over the next few months. You will feel vulnerable and in need of emotional support, have myriad questions and concerns and you must trust the clinic you choose provides what you need. Look at the reviews, schedule your consultation, and if possible, a follow-up consultation.

People communicate differently and when you’re on the same page you understand one another. Communication is essential to your comfort and trust in the clinic you choose.


  1. Take Your Time

The relationship you have with your IVF clinic impacts your success. After all if you and your partner don’t feel comfortable that adds to your stress level and stress absolutely interferes with conception. Take your time, ask the questions you want and weigh the options. At LA IVF, we welcome your questions and do our best to answer them. People recognize LA IVF not only for our success rates, but also for our compassionate and caring support team.


We’re The Right Choice for You

We want to be your choice for the right IVF clinic. At LA IVF, our primary focus is on you and your well-being. Your health is always our priority, and we dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve your goal and dream of parenthood. Please contact LA IVF today and let’s begin our beautiful journey together.

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