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Celebrated with achievements, Dr. Bayrak proudly announced the birth of California's first baby from a genetically tested frozen egg.

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At LA IVF, we provide comprehensive medical and surgical infertility treatments, including IVF, IUI, egg freezing, and advanced reproductive surgery. Schedule a consultation with our board-certified specialist to discuss your case and explore your options for becoming a parent.

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Dr. Bayrak leads the way in IVF advancements, seamlessly integrating each breakthrough into personalized treatment plans for even the most challenging infertility cases.

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Our high success rate reflects our expertise and dedication to top-notch fertility treatments. We continuously improve our methods and technologies to boost your chances of success.

Personalized Care

We offer personalized care, tailoring treatment plans to each unique journey to parenthood.

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Dr. Aykut Bayrak, founder and medical director of LA IVF in Southern California, is a renowned fertility specialist. He completed his medical training in Boston and New York, with significant research in reproductive medicine. Dr. Bayrak is double board-certified and specializes in complex infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, and third-party reproduction. He reported Southern California’s first baby from a genetically tested frozen egg in 2010. An active member of professional organizations, he is licensed in New York, New Jersey, and California, and enjoys skiing, soccer, traveling, and family time.

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"We want to thank you and your staff for helping us get our miracle baby. He’s a strong and healthy baby boy. We are eternally grateful for everything you have done. Dr. Bayrak was so patient with all our questions and genuinely cares for our well being. After a successful treatment, I was a bit nervous to not be followed by Dr. Bayrak anymore but he went through a list of doctors covered in my insurance plan and recommended the ones he trusted for my case so I would have a smooth transition. Thank you for making our dream come true."

Stephanie | Los Angeles

“Our Son was born on 07/31/2017 and we highly hold LA IVF Clinic to high gratitude and standards for this remarkable outcome! I highly recommend this practice to anyone that's just starting or to those have been having unsuccessful attempts elsewhere. r. Bayrak and his staff. We very highly recommend LA IVF Clinic. ”

Jerry L. | Los Angeles

“Dr Bayrak and staff were so knowledgeable and understanding. I had previously gone to Reproductive Partners and felt very pressured to start injectables. Dr Bayrak gave me his opinion and his recommended treatment plan and allowed my husband and i to try least invasive treatments first before considering IVF.  Because of this my stress level was a lot more manageable and i had a very positive experience... ”

J C. | Los Angeles

Understanding Your Fertility with Dr. Bayrak Podcast

This podcast will tackle the many different causes of infertility, treatment options, common misconceptions, and real life case studies. Get a deeper understanding of your fertility, lifestyle changes, and steps you can take to optimize your success.

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An Exlusive Live Fertility Webinar

We welcome you to attend our monthly webinars to extend your fertility knowledge. The different fertility topics will be covered in detail and a Q&A session will follow after the initial presentation by Dr. Bayrak. Please click here to sign up.

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At LA IVF, we offer all medical and surgical infertility treatments including ovulation induction with Clomid and injectable drugs, intrauterine inseminations (IUI), In vitro fertilization (IVF), fertility preservation including egg freezing, hormone treatments, tubal reversal, and advanced reproductive surgery. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with our board-certified fertility specialist to discuss your case in detail. As the LA IVF staff, we welcome you to our fertility center and hope to help you in becoming a parent.

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