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At LA IVF, we truly believe that every individual deserves to have a child. We have extensive experience treating the LGBTQ community; we will support you along your journey and create a family-building plan of your choice. Every case is different and we listen thoroughly to all of your needs and preferences.


Biologically female same-sex couples may consider the options below:

Both partners involved:

  • One partner provides her eggs and the other partner carries the pregnancy
  • Both partners provide their eggs and either; each carry the pregnancy themselves or one partner carries for the other

One partner involved only:

  • One partner provides the eggs and carries the pregnancy

Biologically female same sex couples will also need:


  • Donor Sperm:
    • Known sperm donor – the sperm donor can be known, meaning you already know someone who can donate his sperm to you
    • Sperm Bank – we can help you find a sperm donor through a sperm bank.

Biologically male same-sex couples may consider the options below:


  • Both partners involved:
    • Using sperm from each partner, donor eggs can be fertilized, embryos created and frozen individually. Then embryos from each partner can be transferred into one or two different surrogates.
  • One partner involved only:
    • Using sperm from one partner only, donor eggs are fertilized, frozen, then transferred into a surrogate.


Biologically male same-sex couples will also need:

  • Egg Donor and Surrogate
    • Known egg donor and surrogate  – the egg donor or surrogate can be known, meaning you already know someone who will donate their eggs and someone who can carry the pregnancy. 
    • Unknown egg donor and surrogate – we will help you find an egg donor and surrogate.

Biological same-sex couples will also need to consider:

Legal counsel – It is always recommended to seek legal counsel when using egg donors and surrogates. At LA IVF, we connect you with attorneys whom we work with that specializes in reproductive law. 



Based on your test results our fertility specialist will assign a diagnosis and create a treatment plan. 

Our office staff will check your insurance coverage and offer a self-pay plan for all fees not covered by your insurance. 

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