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“We want to thank you and your staff for helping us get our miracle baby. He’s a strong and healthy baby boy. We are eternally grateful for everything you have done. Dr. Bayrak was so patient with all our questions and genuinely cares for our well being. After a successful treatment, I was a bit nervous to not be followed by Dr. Bayrak anymore but he went through a list of doctors covered in my insurance plan and recommended the ones he trusted for my case so I would have a smooth transition. Thank you for making our dream come true.”

Jerry L.

“Our Son was born on 07/31/2017 and we highly hold LA IVF Clinic to high gratitude and standards for this remarkable outcome! I highly recommend this practice to anyone that’s just starting or to those have been having unsuccessful attempts elsewhere. r. Bayrak and his staff. We very highly recommend LA IVF Clinic. ”

J C.

“Dr Bayrak and staff were so knowledgeable and understanding. I had previously gone to Reproductive Partners and felt very pressured to start injectables. Dr Bayrak gave me his opinion and his recommended treatment plan and allowed my husband and i to try least invasive treatments first before considering IVF.  Because of this my stress level was a lot more manageable and i had a very positive experience… ”

Mary Q.

“We had the best care from Dr Bayrak and his staff, Sheri, Sylvia and Linda. We highly recommend LA IVF clinic  if you really want to have a baby.  Dr Bayrak was very prompt in responding to all our emails/queries. He gives such TLC to every patient. He is very professional and very reliable person. He did all the ultrasound and gave pictures of our baby 🙂 He explains everything thoroughly and answers all questions with patience and honesty. He is very knowledgeable and passionate of what he does best… ”

Michele M.

“Dr. Bayrak and his staff are absolutely fabulous! I had major fibroid issues and getting pregnant on my own had become a huge challenge so I was referred to him by my OB Dr. Melissa Grier. He assisted her in the myomectomy that allowed me to maintain my fertility and eliminate the fibroids.”

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