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Li Meng, PhD, HCLD
Laboratory and Scientific Director

Dr. Meng received his bachelor’s degree from Northeast University in China. He focused on mammalian embryology and histology for his master’s studies and oocyte maturation and preimplantation embryo development during his PhD training. Dr. Meng is internationally known for his landmark study on the cloning of the first rhesus monkey using the embryonic cells in the world. Additionally, he has been involved in the development of the polarized microscope along with his colleagues. Over the course of his career, Dr. Meng has been the scientific and laboratory director of many IVF centers in the US and continues to be involved in teaching and lecturing on In Vitro Fertilization and embryo culture techniques. He has received numerous awards and prizes for his research and published many peer-review journal articles. Dr. Meng is the laboratory and scientific director of LA IVF clinics and laboratories.


Amy-CervantesAmy Cervantes
IVF Coordinator

Amy is a dedicated medical assistant at LA IVF. She performs a variety of administrative and clinical tasks to help provide care to patients, physicians and all clinical staff. Amy enjoys her work at LA IVF and is happy to help others achieve their dreams.

Linda-CashLinda Cash
Office Manager/Biller

Linda has extensive experience in office management and billing for reproductive medical services. She provides detailed information to patients about medical billing which can be complex and guides them through the process. She takes pride in her job and enjoys working with patients in their quest in completing their family.

Sheri-SmithSheri Smith,
Clinical Coordinator

Sheri Smith began her employment with LA IVF in 2011. She is a certified phlebotomist, a medical assistant and an experienced IVF coordinator. She handles all aspects of patient care at LA IVF including cycle coordination, prescriptions, medication administration, injection instructions, blood drawing, specimen processing, assisting in egg retrievals and embryo transfers. A positive attitude and dedication to her patients makes her successful at LA IVF.

Sylvia-MotaSylvia Mota
Clinical Coordinator

Sylvia has been with LA IVF since 2012. She takes pride in her job as a medical assistant and an IVF coordinator. She understands that fertility treatment is an emotional process for patients and is there to help along the way. She enjoys working directly with patients to make their dream of becoming parents come true. Sylvia enjoys spending time with her family and watching movies.

Lena Kaminski, RN
Nurse Manager

Lena is the nurse manager at LA IVF and the outpatient surgery center who takes pride in her job every day. She brings energy, enthusiasm and always sets her goals for perfection. Lena has extensive experience in the surgical center setting and also participates in the care of patients with infertility on the clinical side. She is fluent in English and Russian and enjoys participating in the care of our international as well as local patients. She enjoys sports activities and spending time with her family.